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  1. Thanks Jerry! You just gave me all the information I needed and solved all my doubts. I´m completly agree about the Workshop, I jus did the Golden workshop last year in Tenerife (which I highly recomend) with Chris Fawcett amongs another fantastic Steadicam operators with tones of experience. As I´m looking for a new Sled, I realized that I still had to solve some doubts. Thanks again Jerry!! Best of Luck, Angel Goday.
  2. Thanks Jerry for taking the time to answer. Very informative. I,ve learnt a lot. I really appreciated. The operators I know here they use mainly MK-V, Betz tool and Artemis. But they already started with that thicker sleds so they don´t know about thinner ones. I'm working in a standard Advertising, Tv series environment, nothing too low budget, nothing too big. With regular package of Alexa LF or Sony Venice with Cooke S4 , S7, Arri master primes, etc..To time to time It will apear some Hawk anamorphic lenses. Or we use some of the new angenieux short zooms 28/76 That will be camera package between 9kg to 16kg (20 pounds/ 35 pounds.) My concern it,s if the carbon fiber centerposts of 1´58" ,it will be stiff enought to get the job done with out vibration or I will have to consider a bigger center post, starting in a 1,75" size up to a biggers one. Or maybe I shouldn't be too concerned about sizes and pick up the one feels "right" to my hands and my budget. I´m trying to avoid to buy a new sled and then be regretted in a shooting day. Thank you so much.
  3. Hi all, I have some doubts of which center post diameter to choose. As far as I know there are the following post: 2" ( Mk-v , XCS) 1,89" ( Betz tools, Artemis) 1,75" ( tiffen M1, among others) 1, 58" (tiffen M2, among others) 1,5 ( Gpi pro, among others) As some of the brands due it´s modularity have the posibility to choose which diameter post it fits you. I would like to know the important things to you to have in mind before to choose one or another. I know that some of you prefer thicker center post because it give you "more control" in your hands, others operators do not. I know the Volt system it fits in center post up to 1,75". But Betz tools has adapted in their sled RIG of 1,89" so that matters to choose one or another. I know that the thicker center post are less flexible so less vibration on bigger cámera packagges. But how big has to be a camera packagge to be a point breaker to choose a 1,75" over a 1,58" post, or another? Any has found that his/her sled diameter center post has been an issue? Did you have that day that you say: Damm I should had choosen a thicker sled...or Damm I should have choosen a thinner one.. and Why? Thanks in advance for your time and help. Angel Goday.
  4. Hi all, First of all, I´m apologize if some one get bored with the topic. I know as a Newbies, we are doing always kind of the same question. But I have to ask.. I´m looking to buy my first rig. Do anyone has a used Zephyr to sell?or maybe another option with similar payload and same price point? I´ve been doing a research for a few months but all the info I´ve found let me to the second hand Zephyr as the best option. Thanks in advance for your time.
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