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  1. Hi Vicken, I forgot to mention that the Steadyrig arm that Louis had metioned it is a really good arm too. A really top operator here in Spain got it, He thinks the same than Louis about post sale service. He has MK V sled, W.Klassen back mounted vest and the silver Spring arm, I tried the rig and the arm it is super strong and super smooth, it is a good option too. To me it is a bit short in the boom range but nothing you can fix changing the arm post for the shot.
  2. Sounds like you have it already well planned. You may want to add a hard mount system to your quotation. Best of luck
  3. To choose your rig it is a really hard decision. I did a long research, I have contacted many operator via Instagram asking abour their Sled, arm, etc.. They are really nice and always had an answer. I did contacted some operators close to me and I flew to visit them. I contacted all the brands to aks where I could try their rig in the "nearest" city I found in my case It was Paris so I went to visit some rentals and retailers. At the end you have to spend money in the research as you are going to spend a fortune buying the rig, in my case that money I spendt during the research it was worthy, it gave me confidence when choosing the rig. I´m so happy with my rig. Their post sale service with smartsystem it is super. Andrea the CEO and Lara are doing a super nice job. They even help me out on Sunday, they answered me withing minutes. So I feel safe with them. I have to say that I did like the MK V sled, I liked the feel of a 2" gimbal but there is no answer from them so I decided to move to another brand. The Bezt tools Rig Sled it is amazing too. I love the Bezt tools Top stage thats the best on the marker IMO but I don´t like the botton sled. I like the botton Sled from Tiffen Sleds, Smartsytem it is somehow in the same way IMO. Now I got use to my 1,75" M2 Gimbal and I,m super happy too. The only thing I would change from my sled it is the topstage, i´m not loving the way to put the camera on , you have to slide in the camera. Otherwise the smartsystem Top stage is a rigid, vibration free and safe. I´m confidence with it. I guess that top stage design it allows them to make things cheaper. To me if you are going for smartsystem sled get the Chimera Sled so have the M2 Gimbal with the Volt so you are ready to work in any job that they require you to have it. If you are not going for the Volt at the begining you maybe can buy another Sled and in the future add the volt. Flowcine and Smartsytem they have a wonderfull equipment but there weren´t in the market for a long time so they are winning trust in the comunity. Only with the time we will know if their equipment it was built to last as other main brands. Smartsystem has a life time warranty if something fail they will take care of it. I hope that helps Best, Angel
  4. Hi Vicken, I´ve never tried the Arri Artemis Carbon spring arm but I have tried: Tiffen g70x, Pro arm, Flowcine arm and Smartsytem. IMO The ones I Iike the most were the flowcine arm and smartsystem. Flowcine has an impresive boom range and it is supersmooth but I did have doubts as It has a rubber springs that need some maintenance (nothing to crazy just some lubricant ) and it need to be adjusted a little if you change to extreme weather either cold or hot. I just got my smartsytem arm few months ago, I´m so happy with it. It has a really good boom range too, really good quality of the springs. It works by compresing the springs that works like a lift in any arm tuning the height of the arm but it has a X-tune that change the behavior of the spring you can go to a really smooth arm like the feeling of a Pro arm to a much more springy feeling that it helps when going hardmounted or running. An too the smart system arm it has a plus that is it´s light weight Just my two cents: If you can wait for Smartsytem delivery time, do it, if not Flowcine is a super arm too, just write them asking about how it will perfome in really extreme conditions. I saw too many operatos with this arm using it with the Trinity and no one had a complain that I´m aware of. Best
  5. Hi, I´m selling a complete Steadicam Zephyr Package with all the upgrades that can be done to this rig. The Gimbal has been serviced by Tiffen UK in 11/11/2021 ( Invoice provided) , It has not been used since, just some practice at home. Everything on the package it is working as it should. It has the normal scratches and scuffs from a regular use. Please check the pictures and the videos. Package: - Zephyr Sled, Arm, Vest. - Steadicam Marshall Monitor. - Docking bracket. - Zephyr weights. - Original Pelicase. Upgrades & Extras: - Larger Sky Magic Gimbal Grip. - 2nd Battery Hanger for 24v power. - Monitor Level. - New monitor screw (better than the original) vibration free. - Low Mode bracket. - Long arm post = 30cm (Made by a professional machinist for a specific shoot in a TV series). - Antlers. - Wind killer 180cm x 120cm. - 2 x V lock battery 95w + charger. - Cross back straps on the vest. Cables: - 1x 3 Pin Lemo Power Cables for Alexa 12v - 1x 3 Pin lemo Power cable to XLR 4 pin. - 2x Hiroshi 6 pin to BNC/ Power XLR 4 pin for Marshal Monitor. - 2 x 3 Pin lemo to Splitter D-tap ( for low mode monitor and extras..) Please check my REEL everything on it has been done with this Rig : https://www.angelgoday.com/ Rig located in Mallorca Island, Spain. Asking: 6.870€ Please PM if you need further information. IMG_1648.mov IMG_1650.mov IMG_1658.mov IMG_1661.mov
  6. Thanks Jerry! You just gave me all the information I needed and solved all my doubts. I´m completly agree about the Workshop, I jus did the Golden workshop last year in Tenerife (which I highly recomend) with Chris Fawcett amongs another fantastic Steadicam operators with tones of experience. As I´m looking for a new Sled, I realized that I still had to solve some doubts. Thanks again Jerry!! Best of Luck, Angel Goday.
  7. Thanks Jerry for taking the time to answer. Very informative. I,ve learnt a lot. I really appreciated. The operators I know here they use mainly MK-V, Betz tool and Artemis. But they already started with that thicker sleds so they don´t know about thinner ones. I'm working in a standard Advertising, Tv series environment, nothing too low budget, nothing too big. With regular package of Alexa LF or Sony Venice with Cooke S4 , S7, Arri master primes, etc..To time to time It will apear some Hawk anamorphic lenses. Or we use some of the new angenieux short zooms 28/76 That will be camera package between 9kg to 16kg (20 pounds/ 35 pounds.) My concern it,s if the carbon fiber centerposts of 1´58" ,it will be stiff enought to get the job done with out vibration or I will have to consider a bigger center post, starting in a 1,75" size up to a biggers one. Or maybe I shouldn't be too concerned about sizes and pick up the one feels "right" to my hands and my budget. I´m trying to avoid to buy a new sled and then be regretted in a shooting day. Thank you so much.
  8. Hi all, I have some doubts of which center post diameter to choose. As far as I know there are the following post: 2" ( Mk-v , XCS) 1,89" ( Betz tools, Artemis) 1,75" ( tiffen M1, among others) 1, 58" (tiffen M2, among others) 1,5 ( Gpi pro, among others) As some of the brands due it´s modularity have the posibility to choose which diameter post it fits you. I would like to know the important things to you to have in mind before to choose one or another. I know that some of you prefer thicker center post because it give you "more control" in your hands, others operators do not. I know the Volt system it fits in center post up to 1,75". But Betz tools has adapted in their sled RIG of 1,89" so that matters to choose one or another. I know that the thicker center post are less flexible so less vibration on bigger cámera packagges. But how big has to be a camera packagge to be a point breaker to choose a 1,75" over a 1,58" post, or another? Any has found that his/her sled diameter center post has been an issue? Did you have that day that you say: Damm I should had choosen a thicker sled...or Damm I should have choosen a thinner one.. and Why? Thanks in advance for your time and help. Angel Goday.
  9. Hi all, First of all, I´m apologize if some one get bored with the topic. I know as a Newbies, we are doing always kind of the same question. But I have to ask.. I´m looking to buy my first rig. Do anyone has a used Zephyr to sell?or maybe another option with similar payload and same price point? I´ve been doing a research for a few months but all the info I´ve found let me to the second hand Zephyr as the best option. Thanks in advance for your time.
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