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  1. For Sale: Cam-Jam Quattro II (New Version With Remove able Monitor Yoke) Monitor Mount System in excellent shape with extras. Rock solid. Comes with additional/spare monitor mounting bits as well as post clamp adapters for a few different rig posts. Native clamp size is 2 inch. Also comes with spare yoke, backup monitor mount, spare rod assembly as well. Purchased for well over $1800. Selling for $1200 US. Serious buyers only please. US buyer preferred. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Additional photos available. email only to: graysonaustin@me.com Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  2. Not sure if you saw my response post up above. Here it is again just in case. MK-V Rig is sold. Walter Klassen Wheels are sold. Walter Klassen Slingshot is sold. Still Available: Walter Klassen Harness. Cinemilled Pro Ring. Betz Twister. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  3. Walter Klassen Sling shot sold. Walter Klassen Wireless Wheels sold. MK-V Rig sold. Still Available: Walter Klassen Harness (comes with bag and spare parts kit not shown in photos). Betz Twister (comes with armpost, overhead hanger which are shown and dovetail catcher which is not shown in photo). Cinemilled Pro Ring System (comes with everything you see as well as adapter block for gimbal attachment which is not shown). All gear is sold as is. No warranty is expressed or implied. All gear is tested prior to shipping to make sure everything is in good working order. Shipping, insurance, etc is the buyers responsibility. Additional photos of available items attached. Email only please to: graysonaustin@me.com Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  4. My response was based on what Sawyer said but there is nothing wrong with double checking the topstage fore-aft but he did state that the topstage was tight and nothing is slipping and he wrote that he checked everything he could think to check so i have gone with the information he gave. If there were a slight shift or slop in the fore-aft, you should be able to feel it if you try to shift by hand and pay close attention to how it feels. The Clipper 24 has essentially the same gimbal (and topstage) as the Ultra2 which i owned and had this same exact issue with the gimbal which needed to be sent in to Tiffen for realignment, especially with a long drop time which i also use. It was not a problem with the topstage although i did check it to be sure since that was something i could do myself. Gimbal alignment is much trickier. That gimbal can be field adjusted but it really is a pain in the ass and it can “go out” again later down the road even if you get it right. Tiffen will tell you that they do their alignments to a three to three and a half second drop time. At that time (years ago) i had them do a “special” alignment for me that was more accurate than they tend to normally do and required more precise shimming and then they sealed the covers for me to prevent them from loosening from vibration/etc. They may not want to go this deep anymore so if you want to use a very long drop time, it may never be as perfect as you want it to be. Good luck and report back with how it ends up getting resolved. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  5. Preliminary listing of some excellent gear. Gear cannot officially be shipped until i can get back to my storage in early July but for any who have a serious interest or wish to purchase now and can wait for shipping, priority will be given. *MK-V V4 rig with 2 inch four stage post, V4 electronics (with spare lower electronics base), V2 advanced 2 inch gimbal, Betz topstage, monitor mount with yoke, SmallHD DP7 High Bright HD monitor and monitor power cables and two dual V mount battery blocks (one is pivoting, one is fixed angle) and other accessories including camera power cables. Main rig is in very good shape. Gimbal was an MK-V demo gimbal and is in good shape. This is one of the rigs i used on Green Book and performs really well. It Has also been used with the AR and is perfect for that application. Very solid. Selling for $10,000 US. *Walter Klassen Deluxe Steadicam Harness. Size is for approx 6 foot tall with a waist size around 36 inch. In good shape. Was purchased used to be a back up harness but has never been used by me. Selling for $2500 US. *Walter Klassen Slingshot with extra bands, handheld attachment, long handles, soft case and other accessories. Basicly everything you could get for it. Unused. As new. Selling for $2700 US. Can be purchased with above harness for discount of $200. *Walter Klassen Wireless three axis Gimbal Wheels. Almost new condition. Wireless units for Futaba and Spektrum. Extra Spektrum wireless units as well and case. Selling for $1000 US. *Betz Twister with armpost and overhead hanger adapter. Bought gently used and has not been used since. Selling for $1200. *Cinemilled Pro Ring System with spindles and lots of different sized tubes as well as the handheld plate. Purchased for well over $1600. Unused. As new. Selling for $1000. Email only to: graysonaustin@me.com priority given to first in line to email. Thanks, Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  6. For sale: SmallHD 703 HD Ultrabright monitor with Cam-Jam monitor Yoke assembly. The SmallHD 703 is a 2200 nits Ultrabright monitor. I use them as my primary Steadicam monitors. The Cam-Jam yoke mounts allow for proper tilt angle adjustment without changing your balance. This monitor was a backup and is in absolutely perfect condition with no scuffs, scratches, dings, dead pixels, etc. It has rarely been used (mostly for testing) and performs beautifully. The yoke mounts show signs of normal wear from adjusting monitor angle. The yoke mounts are from my primary monitor. New current price for monitor and yoke would be over $2100 US. Selling complete for $1700. Buyer is responsible for shipping. Email only to: graysonaustin@me.com Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  7. Looking for Tiffen Ultra2, Clipper 324 or even just an Ultra2 gimbal in excellent condition for a secondary rig project. Please send photos and prices to the following email: graysonaustin@me.com Thanks, Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  8. It’s your gimbal. Staticly balance the rig with whatever drop time you use with rig nose pointed toward one side of the gimbal yoke. Make it perfectly staticly balance front to back and side to side. Use a very accurate bubble level for both directions directly over the center of the post. Rotate the rig 180 degrees and let it come to rest. If it goes off from perfect balance then your gimbal is out of alignment. Send it in to be corrected. If it passes this test but then goes out when you tilt, then something is shifting ever so slightly in the gimbal usually around the side bearing area. Either way you should send it to Tiffen for realignment and possibly needing to be shimmed to take out the shifting. It is not something you want to do yourself. The Ultra2 rigs could be field adjusted but it was a terrible thing to try and do yourself. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  9. Sold. Thanks to everyone who inquired. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  10. Pristine condition Tiffen M1 rig with Volt system. *Flat (equals rock solid) M1 topstage. *M1 Camera Dovetail Plate (unused/as new). *Two stage 1.75” M1 Centerpost. *M1 Gimbal with Volt. *Volt Control cable. *Volt Sensor Box Power cable. *Volt Sensor Box and attachment bracket. *M1 Monitor Mount (monitor not included). *M1 lower Junction Box and dual battery plate. *Eight IDX V mount batteries. *One IDX simultaneous Quad Charger. *Tiffen Volt Docking Bracket. *Spare Volt motor belt. *Spare Volt Sensor Box Power Cable. *Spare Encoder Sensor. *Case for M1 Volt Rig. *Case for Batteries and Charger. Price for all: $25,500 US. Buyer pays shipping (shipping account preferred). This rig has been fantastic. The only reason for selling is that i just received my M2 Volt. Serious inquiries only. More photos available. Email only please. I don’t always check the forum. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC graysonaustin@me.com
  11. That is/was an awesome level. Immune to outside forces other than the turn of the earth. An alternative that performed as well with on screen display would be great. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  12. The 1.75 post is the M1 post. On the order list it speaks about an adapter to use it with the M2 topstage. You can mix and match but as i stated it is component vs component so the M1 version of the component will be more expensive. If you care at all about payload maximum ratings (i don’t really) then you might not want to pair an M1 post with an M2 topstage and vice versa which would sort of defeat the purpose. I have the full M1 Volt and i have an M2 Volt on order. I will probably be switching fully to the M2 Volt. The 1.58 post is the same diameter as my Ultra2 and i loved that rig. Never had one issue with vibration. Best thing to do is talk to someone at Tiffen about the details or maybe Jerry can chime in. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  13. The M1 is a beefier rig, component vs component. The M1 because of this has a higher camera payload compared to the M2. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
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