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  1. For Sale: Directors Monitor System. Can be purchased as A Two Or Three Monitor package. All three Atomos Shogun Flame monitors are in pristine condition. No dings, scratches or dead pixels on screens. Each monitor is protected by it’s own Smallrig monitor cage and then mounted to the Wooden Camera Directors Monitor system. Includes: *(Two or Three) Atomos Shogun Flame monitors. *Power Cable for each monitor. *Smallrig cage for each monitor. *Wooden Camera Directors Monitor Station Version 3 (Two or Three Monitors) with Anton Bauer plates (three) and Mounting Plates for Wireless Receivers (Wireless Receivers Not Included). *Padded Soft case (Room for all three and accessories). *Spare power cable. *Wooden Camera Sunshades (Three). *Lots of additional parts for Wooden Camera Directors Monitor Station. Selling Two Monitor Station for $2400 US. Selling The Complete Three Monitor Station for $3300 US. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. US buyer preferred. Serious only please. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  2. Force Pro is sold. Thanks. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  3. Flowcine G Link Max/ xSpine Steadicam Harness Combo For Sale: Unused/ As New G Link Max Gimbal Support/ Steadicam Harness Combo: Package Includes: xSPINE vest GLINK arms Full CF Ring 3 x Spring core sets 3 x CF Ring feet xSPINE hard case GLINK hard case Docking station Tool rack xSpine babypin mount xSpine Soft Bag Handheld Mount (great for Betz Wave, MK-V AR, Letus35 Infinity Ring/Helix Pro, etc) Movi Pro/Ronin2 mount xSpine Mid Back Pad and mount Tool Clip Ons (two) xBone CF and Back Mount Block (for Steadicam) Spacer Pads Extra Pads (different densities) Padded soft bag for Ring Lots of extras/back ups If you do Gimbal operating and Steadicam, this package is for you. We purchased this package for our company but now we are going in a different direction with our rental inventory. An incredible, complete, set ready package with lots of necessary extras/backups. All gear is absolutely unused/ as new. More than $16,000 US paid not including international shipping and customs fees. Lead time right now from Flowcine is 6-8 weeks. This package is available immediately. Selling all for $13,500 US. US Buyer preferred. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs and shipping insurance (if wanted). Serious only please. Email to: graysonaustin@me.com Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  4. For Sale: Teradek 3000 XT system. Set ready kit. System includes: *(1) Teradek 3000XT Transmitter. *(2) Teradek 3000XT Anton Bauer Pass Through Receivers. *(1) Teradek 3000XT Receiver (no battery plates. Two pin power input only. Slimmer profile). *Teradek Long Range Panel Antenna. *(2) Teradek Transmitter Antennas. *(17) Teradek Receiver Antennas. *(2) P-Tap power cables (Transmitter and Slim Receiver). *(3) BNC Video Cables. *V Lock Transmitter Bracket. *Teradek Case For All. All gear is in great physical and working condition and has been well taken care of. Latest firmware loaded. This kit was my personal Steadicam kit and has never been sub rented. Fantastic rental income. It is now a backup and is no longer needed. The retail price for this kit is well over $20,000. Selling everything as a kit for $12,000 US. Serious only please. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Email to: graysonaustin@me.com
  5. Please read description carefully before messaging. I have two Cinegears Wireless Video set ready kits for sale. Both are in excellent physical and working condition with some items unused/as new. My company is selling off excess gear and these are the rarely used backups. We have multiple systems so these aren’t needed. System Number One includes: *Two Cinegears 600M (600 meters) Transmitters (and a spare for a total of three transmitters). *One 600M Full Size Receiver with five external antenna connectors (usually for DP/DIT tent). *Two 600M Small Receivers with built in antennas (usually for focus puller and director’s monitor). *Full set of Antennas for transmitters and receiver. *P-Tap power cables for all. *Cases for all gear. System Number Two includes: *Two Cinegears 400M Transmitters (400 meters but in reality more like 600 meters in real testing). *Two Cinegears 400M Receivers. *Full set of antennas. *P-Tap power cables for all. *Cases for all gear. The main differences between the two systems is powering them. The 600M system has two pin Arri polarity lemo power in on all units but also has battery plates (V Mount on large receiver and Sony L series plates on transmitter and small receivers. The 400M system has two pin Arri polarity lemo power input only which makes them a bit slimmer and lighter. Both systems have 10 useable channels. Both are roughly equal in line of sight range in real testing. The 400M system has never been used on set. Only range tested. I have others of this system that have been used daily on set in every type of situation and they have performed brilliantly. The 600M system has been used on set a few times. One of the Transmitters and both of the small receivers are unused/as new. System One sells new for more than $6400. i am selling this one for $3000. System Two sells new for $5500 with only one transmitter. I am selling this one which is unused/as new with two transmitters for $2500. At the price these are being sold for, i am not splitting up the packages. Serious buyers only please. See photos of each system. More photos on request. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  6. Flowcine Tranquilizer Vibration Isolator for sale. Tested for proper function but never used on set. Use the Tranquilizer between your Movi XL, Movi Pro, Ronin2, Arri SRH3, etc and a jib arm, Technocrane, Hydroscope, Black Arm, etc to help take out vibrations. Can be configures for different payloads by changing out the polymer rings and pan barrels. Passive plates included allow adding more mass for smaller payloads. Kit Includes: Flowcine Tranquilizer. Mitchell Male Plate. Castle Nut. Mitchell Female Plate. Passive Weight Plates. Shore 30, 40, and 60 polymer rings. Shore 30 and 70 Pan Barrels. Soft bag with foam insert for all. New price for all was over $3500. Selling all for $2500. Serious only please. Buyer is responsible for shipping, insurance, customs (if applicable). US buyer preferred. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  7. Unused, as new DJI Force Pro for sale. Control your Ronin2 or Ronin RS, etc. Use it handheld with the included handles, monitor, receiver setup or add to the top of a Fluid Head and have fluid head control of your gimbal. Kit includes: DJI Force Pro Controller. DJI Force Pro Receiver. Antennas for both. Power/Control cable for Receiver to Ronin2. Control Handles and cross bar. Nato Rail Monitor Bracket. Nato Rail Force Pro bracket. 5/8 Baby Pin bracket. V mount Battery plate. New Price for this complete kit would be $2000. Selling for $1300 US. Serious Only Please. Buyer is responsible for shipping, insurance, customs (if applicable). US buyer preferred. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  8. Complete, ready to shoot 1A Tools Alpha Wheels package for sale. These wheels have been great for controlling my Movi XL and Ronin2. Alpha Wheels are always reliable. I’ve used my main setup on feature and television series without a moment of trouble. This set was the backup but they are so reliable that i don’t need two sets. Used by me only. Never rented out to other shows. This kit is in exceptional condition. Most everything looks new and performs flawlessly. Wheels are smooth. Monitor shows signs of use (This one was my main Wheels monitor from my other setup) and has a thin burn in line at the top of screen but it does not affect normal image area on screen. This package has seen very little use (almost none) because it was my backup set. Package includes: Alpha Wheels. Base Plate and Mitchell tie down. 1A Tools Brass Wheels. Cinemilled Heavier Stainless Steel Wheels. Alpha Link S bus XR (extended range). (Two) Alpha Link Receivers. For a backup or Program for different channels or for different gimbals. Alpha Link Mimic (for Movi Pro and XL use with settings control). 100 foot hardwire cable (use with Alpha Link Mimic). Monitor, Battery and accessory Mounting kit. Ikan SX7 superbright 7 inch monitor (2000 Nits). Long range external antenna and base. Spare transmitter and receiver antennas. P Tap Power cables for wheels. Pelican Case. Purchased new for over $6500. Selling all gear listed for $4500. Can be purchased without monitor for $4000. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, insurance, customs (if applicable). This is a used piece of equipment and is sold “as is”. No warranty Is expressed or implied. Gear will be thoroughly checked and tested to be working as it should prior to shipping. Serious buyers only. US buyer preferred. Additional photos available. Email Only Please: graysonaustin@me.com Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  9. For sale: Walter Klassen Deluxe Steadicam Harness. Purchased gently used and then rarely used as a back up to my original WK Harness. This is the newer style with the single bolt vertical sliding arm. Biased for regular (non goofy) operator. Comes with travel bag, spare buckles, straps, etc, air bladder pump, tool bag. Sized for operators 6 feet tall or taller. 34 inch and up waist size. Had marks of better than normal wear and tear when i got it and has been very well cared for since. As far as toughness and lifespan go, there is no better investment than a Walter Klassen Harness. My original Harness (and the one i still use everyday) was purchased new back in 1997-1998 and other than what upgrades WK could do for me, it is the same harness. This is also the most comfortable harness i have tried and i have either owned or demoed for an extended period almost every other vest out there including the Tiffen Exovest and the PRO vest. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, insurance, customs (if applicable). This is a used piece of equipment and is sold “as is”. No warranty Is expressed or implied. Gear has been thoroughly checked and tested to be working as it should. Selling for $3500. Serious buyers only. US buyer preferred. Email Only Please: graysonaustin@me.com Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  10. Flowcine Black Arm Complete for sale: If you are using your Movi Pro, Ronin2, Movi XL or Arri SRH3 on set as a remote head and you want to take it to the next level, then this is for you. Mount on a dolly for rough floors where you can’t lay dance floor or track. Use on vehicles (on or off road) to help stabilize shock and vibration, etc. Selling an as new/unused complete Flowcine Black Arm with extras. Ready to shoot package. Package includes: *Flowcine Black Arm. *Complete set of Dampeners and Springs for weight range of (11-70+ pounds). *Two Wire Isolators #3 (31-42 lbs) and #4 (42-57 lbs). *Head Extension 300mm with safety bumpers. *A Complete Extra Backup Set of Dampeners. *Female Mitchell Mount Plate. *Two Speedrail spacers. *Two Speedrail Extensions. *90 Degree Speedrail clamp. *GFM Mitchell Mount to Speedrail adapter. *Black Arm Case and all tools needed as well. New price for all was over $9000 US. Selling complete package for $6800 US. All gear is in as new/unused condition. No dings or nicks. Has been tested with Movi XL, Movi Pro and Ronin2 for proper performance/dampening ranges but never used on set. This is a backup system that my company no longer needs. Making room for other gear. Buyer is responsible for shipping and carrier insurance. US Buyer preferred. Serious Only Please. Please don’t respond here as i don’t check the forum too often. Email only please to: graysonaustin@me.com Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
  11. Betz Twister for sale. Very gently used. Nearly new condition. Comes with 5/8 inch PRO size armpost and inverted hanger ring. Awesome way to use your Betz Wave with your steadicam arm. US buyer preferred. Buyer is responsible for shipping, insurance, etc. Email only please. Selling for: $1200 US. graysonaustin@me.com Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
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