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  1. I'm in NYC and the best vendor for Clear-Com HMEs is Gotham Sound, email Nick Huston for a quote (nickh@gothamsound.com). FYI I don't work for Gotham or anything. DPs kept asking me for them so I went to the dark side and bought a kit. I like the ClearCom HME's because they're lightweight, you can still hear "through" them, and the sound department doesn't complain about the noise. They are the most expensive however. UPM's have a hard time understanding what the extra rental is for though given that they already have walkies and no one seems to want these but the DP, but Covid has made
  2. I recommend emailing markertek with questions about what you might need to make your own BNC. I don't work for them or anything, they are just super helpful. I started making BNC back when I was a focus puller and was building village carts and had a ton of wireless kits. If you're going to make more than 50 cables it's cheaper to make your own. Otherwise if you want to just buy really skinny (right angle) BNC just check out these. There is a rabbit hole of info about coax and bnc connectors that is worth nerding out about if you're into that. There are 3 basic factors when it comes
  3. Bryan what did John say about 2" volt gimbal? any news there?
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