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  1. Hey all! Newbie steadicam operator here! Been purchasing essential equipment for my rig and was curious whether I should get a low mode monitor! So far, I've used my regular monitor for low mode, and it has worked out with no issues, but what are the pros and cons for having a low mode monitor? Is it worth it? Will it be beneficial to my operating? And if it is essential AND beneficial, which ones do you have? Let me know your thoughts!! Thanks everyone!
  2. Hey everyone! Wanted to reach out and see how people are transporting their Exovests! I'm currently using the "backpack" it comes with, but it's too bulky and I need something more sturdy and reliable! Thanks!!
  3. Hey everyone!! I'm trying to figure out the best but on-the-cheaper-end HDMI to SDI converters for my practice camera! My camera only comes with an HDMI port and having the cable wrap around and down my sled to my monitor is not the most ideal situation... Does anyone know of a good converter that has a lower price OR is anyone trying to selling theirs?? Thanks!!!
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