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  1. Hey! I am fairly new to this forum and have been learning a lot about various details that surround operating Steadicam. I also understand the importance of completing a steadicam workshop before purchasing. However, I have been searching and searching for a solid workshop that is still offering courses amidst the pandemic that is under 4-6k (The Tiffen workshops)? I am capable of pursuing a course of that price if it is the best option for me to learn hands-on experience, but curious if there are more available to get solid education on steadicam? I would also really love some more hands on with different company steadicam besides Tiffen, though I am interested in their m1 / m2 volt series. I have also been interning with a great op in town who has taught me so much, but I know that is only the tip of the iceberg. I greatly respect the art of steadicam and want to make sure I take proper steps to get more involved. I'd love to hear if you all have any recommendations on where to look for a class / and tips for a kid fresh out of college looking to get into the steadicam realm! - Trent
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