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  1. Is there a supplier in the UK for the Boland BVB07?
  2. Hi Luke, Have you had any advancement with upgrading your monitor? I also have just purchased a Zephyr and looking to change out the monitor as it is only a SD monitor. I have a smallHD 702 touch which I am debating to use on the rig until a better option comes about. As for upgrades a lot of people seem to go for the monitor yoke and also the gimbal wrap grip from sky magic: https://www.skymagic.com/cineparts 3 Pin Male Steadicam Zephyr to 4 Port Female D Tap Multiple Tap Output can be useful: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alvins-Cables-steadic
  3. Hi everyone, Looking at the Aero 30 and zephyr it would appear that the new Zephyrs come with the Aero 30 arm and can take 4-10.4KG according to the description on CVP's website. And hi James, I met you in Manchester not so long ago for a coffee, I hope all is well. Dan
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