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  1. Hey all! I know this conversation was a while back, but I just wanted to let you guys know I agree with you that people should have options to reduce waste, and that's why I'm opening up shop in New York to offer re-cell service to the filmmaking community. This past year I had my personal set of HCX batteries start to go bad, and when I realized Ritter had closed up shop I decided to tool up and do the service myself. I am now up and running, able to re-cell Anton Bauer, PAG, Core/Switronix, and IDX. The list is growing, so if you've got something laying around that you'd prefer not go t
  2. Hello! My name is Tyler, I'm a local 52 gaffer and documentary filmmaker, and I have been gearing up my workshop in NYC to be able to provide re-cell service. As a filmmaker myself I got frustrated with the prospect of just throwing away my old AB batteries that would no longer hold a charge; this seemed so wasteful. And upon realizing that Ritter had closed up shop, I decided to give it a go. There is a lot of specialized tooling necessary to do this so it took a while to get up and running this year but I have now successfully re-celled batteries of several different manufacturers
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