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  1. Looking for a 12" and/or an 18" arm post with pinholes and extra collars for my titan arm if anyone has them! email: mikenbf@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. Bump! here’s my email if anyone has one for sale! mikenbf@gmail.com
  3. Looking for a Cine Live sled if anyone has one available! Looking to upgrade some time next month!
  4. You could definitely try reaching out to Greg Smith if that's an option for you. Great class, great insight.
  5. Any chance anyone has a pro titan arm they’re looking to sell? Looking for 4 blue canisters and possibly 2 black canisters. I’ll also be using an Archer 2 so a post that’s compatible would be a plus. Contact: mikenbf@gmail.com
  6. Considering upgrading from my scout. Got it at a steal but might be interested in upgrading sooner than later and hoping to do so by the end of the summer seeing that work has been picking up for me again. Had some luck in finding some GPI PRO stuff but might be out of the budget now. Any pros or cons of purchasing either a zephyr or an archer2?
  7. Anyone have an extra Zephyr Sled available? Trying to build up a kit before I sell my Scout
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