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  1. 21 June 2021 Leading by Design – Anton/Bauer Battery Lab Testing At Anton/Bauer we pride ourselves on producing batteries for cameras, monitors lights and more designed to always deliver consistently high performance. Anton/Bauer battery owners know they can focus their attention on creating digital, television and cinematic content with confidence that their batteries will keep their stories moving. The camera operator’s mantra ‘never lose a shot’ is one that our engineering team take to heart. To ensure this, the team performs a significant amount of battery cycle testing so, unlike other battery manufacturers, we don’t say that each battery should last a certain number of cycles, we can verify that it will do so. Our latest case study takes you behind the scenes of our testing facility to find out what makes Anton/Bauer batteries stand out from the rest. Read Here
  2. Hi Lee, Thanks for the note! Pleasure to hear from you. Congrats on getting started on steadicams - there are certainly quite a few options out there to consider. As far as Anton/Bauer goes, we have operators that use our Titon, Titon SL, and DIonic XT lines depending on application. More than happy to review options with you based on your situation - I'll shoot you a private message with my contact information and we can chat about it at your convenience. Talk soon, Ted
  3. Hi folks - my name is Ted Doubov and I am the Technical Sales Manager for Anton/Bauer. Having just recently joined the Steadicam forum, I wanted to shed a little insight on our perspective regarding the trade-in vs. re-cell discussion. High-powered lithium-ion batteries are volatile and our primary duty of care is to ensure the safety of our customers and our products. Secondary to human safety, we also need to uphold the integrity of our products to both preserve the life of any equipment powered by the battery, and to uphold the performance standards expected of a premium battery product. Some of the engineering methods used to reduce heat and to prolong the life of the battery means that re-celling modern batteries is difficult and could significantly reduce the performance of the battery, and in addition to this, safety certifications prohibit the shipping of lithium-ion battery cells without protective circuit boards making this an expensive option. The trade-offs in safety and performance far outweigh the benefits of re-celling a battery to extend the life of the case. We do of course recognize that we have a responsibility to care for the environment and to engage in sustainable manufacturing. We keep the plastic materials used in our products under review, testing new blends as they become available. To date, we have not yet found an alternative blend that meets the stringent safety and flammability standards required for certification, but we continue to seek ways to make our products more sustainable. As part of our efforts to become more sustainable, we have partnered with Call2Recycle to provide a convenient method for recycling Anton/Bauer batteries when they reach end of life. Call2Recycle break each product down into multiple waste streams to ensure that as much of the product is reused as possible. We are committed to the success of the recycling program and are pleased to offer a discount incentive to encourage people to recycle our products responsibly. I hope this clarifies some of the 'why' behind the trade-in program rather than a re-celling approach.. please don't hesitate to reach out if there are any questions about this. Thank you, Ted
  4. Hi folks! It's a pleasure to meet you all. I will be popping in and out of the forum on a regular basis and I'm looking forward to getting to know as many of you as possible! If you need me for any reason and I haven't responded in a timely fashion to your post, please feel free to call either the direct number Paul listed in the post above, my cell at (475) 689-7289, or shoot me an email at Ted.Doubov@VitecGroup.com. Let's all cross our fingers for a healthy and productive 2021. Best wishes to all, Ted Doubov
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