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  1. Hello! I’m paring my steadicam with a r2. Are there best settings for r2 in this application? Smooth track on/off, deadband 0-100, mode tripod, gimbal, car, ? If anyone has insight I’d be grateful! thank u!
  2. Hello! I’m looking for any suggestions on a yoke for a smallhd ultra bright. ive looked on adorama and B&H, but I haven’t found a match. I ordered transvideo yoke and it doesn’t seem like it will work with smallhd?? If you have any ideas for me they’d be appreciated! Best,
  3. Hello! I’m looking for any courses available for beginners. Tiffen’s course in San Diego look fully booked. I’m located in Jacksonville, FL and would be open to any and all suggestions. Also, looking into beginning set ups for purchase. Thank you for your time and support! Best, Dean Freeland
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