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  1. Hi guys, i am looking for a Wave. Preferably from Europe. Please send me a DM with photos. Best C
  2. Thanks everybody, i got a really nice one from Spain and already used it a lot. I'm really happy with it. Probably the best arm to start a steadicam-career and keep the budget tight! Best C
  3. Hi guys, at the end, i decided for the Custom Matthews Heavy Duty Stand from Schnitzwerk: ( https://www.schnittzwerk.com/de/fgs-900045.html ) another nice recommendation was the bicyle stand from https://www.bike24.de/p19004.html with an adapter from Schnitzwerk for the 16mm Spigot. But no solution for wheels and the missing rocky mountain leg, brought me to the Matthews. :-) Greetings from Munich, C
  4. Thanks, i found one via this forum. <3
  5. Hi everybody, I’m looking for a small and lightweight steadicam-stand. I am also open for unconventional alternatives like bicycle repair-stands...:-) Shops and resellers from europe would be the best. Greetings, clemens
  6. Hi everybody, i'm looking for a sled to start my steadicam career. I would spend something between 5 and 10k. Preferable: -12 & 24V - build for heavy payloads - not too much electronic stuff - ready for HD and V-Mount would be nice, but not a must have I'm curious about your offers. Best regards, Clemens
  7. Hi everybody, i'm looking for a luna 3A arm or something similar. Do you have any ideas or tips where i can get one? Best regards from munich/germany Clemens Ps: My email is c_f_krueger@yahoo.de
  8. Hey guys, I'm pretty new in this forum and i would like to post something at the marketplace wanted. But unfortunately, it is grayed out, when i click on it in the 'create'-section!? What I'm doing wrong? Best regards, C
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