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  1. Hello, I have never operated steadicam. I am looking for a complete system to get me started. I am 5'9". 170lbs and 32" waist. I would like it to support an Alexa XT if possible. Any offers would be much appreciated. Thanks! Ricardo
  2. Selling Codex mags in great condition compatible with any Alexa XT, and SXT (with XR Mag Adapter). Codex S should be able to record these. I can test it for you if you have that system for Alexa Classic. These only come in one size 512Gb usable 480Gb. These are the only drives that allow 120fps in 16:9 in the Alexa XT system. All tested by me to record in ArriRaw. No issues. Price: $1000 per uni, free FedEx Ground shipping. Due to past experience, all drives internal components serials are noted. Both drives and Board are matched to case serial. This will be shared with the buyer prior to shipping. These drives are rare and difficult to find. I have had people try to switch internal components. It didn't turn out too good for them. Pictured drive for illustration purposes. You may get a different serial number.
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