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  1. Yes it’s still available! No plate, dropping price to 5200$ + shipping
  2. Selling my Betz Wave, only reason is because I have 2 of them! I absolutely love these things. this one is coming straight back from Germany from service so it’s gonna be in tip top shape. comes with a pelican case i don’t have an extra betz plate but I believe they’re probably easy to order. asking 5500$
  3. Not sure if the brand of this vest but it’s very comfortable and well made. Vest is 3000 or best offer
  4. Up for sale is a smart systems X1 arm never used on the field just for a single practice session. Save waiting for back order and get this arm asap! selling for 9000 flat or best offer. comes with everything included when you buy it from the manufacturer. this gear was purchased by someone trying to get into Steadicam operating only to realize their passions in another field. Check out my other posts as well for sled/vest if you’re interested.
  5. Hello! Up for sale is this Artemis/EFP sled and a transvideo monitor. The sled is V-mount but it comes with gold mount adapters for anyone who wants to be able to use both v mount or gold mount. together - 17,000 sled only - 12,500 monitor only - 5,000 all in great condition and happy to follow up any more questions if needed! included is the docking bracket and stand as well as a hard case for the sled
  6. Bump 5500 for the Rockabye it’s brand new and works great. Save 1000$
  7. Rockabye and teradek haven’t been used other than some testing. The receiver is sandwiched between some gold mounts. Trying to make room for different gear so I’m parting ways with this. Just purchased a couple months ago and it’s just been sitting around The Rockabye can also just be used on a tripod or jib. Paid 6500 for the Rockabye asking 6000 Paid about 3900 for the teradek with the plates Asking 3300 If you buy them both together I’ll package deal it for 9000
  8. Selling my Arri Artemis sled, I love this sled and I don’t really want to see it go so I’m gonna hold firm on the price. Comes with the docking bracket, the case, custom low mode monitor bracket setup, monitor bracket and yolk for 8inch, and 2 plates. 14000$
  9. Posted this one before with the full kit but the arm and vest sold and I wasn’t sure how to edit the post to change the title and remove the other stuff so reposting it by itself. archer 2 with volt, in perfect condition. Fresh out of checkups from tiffen with receipts for those if you’d like to see. Comes with the dock, volt cables, hard case, monitor, screws. Basically everything you see in the photos. dropping the price down to 19,500 or best offer.
  10. I just did it! Arri sells a volt compatible post you just have to email them about it HOWEVER, from my experience with it so far it doesn’t react perfectly with the volt. Don’t get me wrong it works but sometimes it feels a little off like it’s just not 100% compatible. Feels almost inconsistent hard to explain. Either way I’m looking at just getting an m2 instead so I can avoid any issues with the volt/Artemis combo but it’s not a bad option!
  11. For sale is my Artemis 1.8 gimbal and artemis 1.8 post as well as the docking bracket I recently switched to a volt post / m2 gimbal and volt so I no longer have use for these guys. 2800$ for the gimbal 2500$ for the post 800$ for the dock or 5700 for all! Located in Los Angeles but I can ship as well I’ll post pictures soon
  12. Bump! archer 2 with volt, volt dock, case and all the cables are still available 21k obo
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