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  1. Thank you for your input Lawrence & Andre, The more secure and readily available Gold-Mount seems like it'll be the one for me.
  2. Hello you incredible Operators, Newbie here looking to build my first rig, and I've noticed 2 main power sources V-Mount and Gold Mount. Can someone please help me understand the differences, which one is longer lasting? More durable? More universal? And any other distinctions that you think matter. Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you Maxwel, I highly value your input. I am definitely open to a used component, if it means I end up with a more valuable rig. My main concerns with going used are, Lack of payment options, Unknown pre-existing issues in components, Warranty and forward compatibility. Since I am new to this, some of my concerns regarding used may be "non-issues". If so I welcome some clarity on the matter. I would really appreciate some specific model/part recommendations. I've looked at Tiffen, Pro, Xcs, Klassen, & Preston. But with my lack of knowledge/Insight I feel as if I'm looking at another language, especially in regards to the modular components and which I need vs those I don't. I welcome more feedback from the knowledgeable Operators here, Thanks
  4. Hello Amazing Operators! Let me first start of by saying I have learned a lot from you all, even just by being a humble observer. I am looking to invest in my first rig ever, I don't have any experience and plan on attending a SOA week training. I am of the mindset " Buy once, Cry once" and know for an absolute fact that I want to be a Steadicam Operator. I want to invest 25k all in, Vest, Arm, Sled, Batteries, Storage, Etc. I prefer to go "New" because of payment options. My goal is to get a rig that allows me to fly as Heavy/Professional as possible. I know 25K is a little "light" in this world, but I'm hoping you more seasoned Operators have some ideas that can work for me. I greatly appreciate any feedback that comes my way, I am simply a sponge. Thank you,
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