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  1. Hey I will buy your 2-pin lemo to 4-pin XLR cables if the 4-pin XLR Is 90 degrees Alex@LAIR.tv
  2. Hey, I am really curious which Volt Upgrade package did you use? was it the M1 (1.75" Post) Upgrade Part called "Volt kit M1-V" Or the newer one Which instead of $6,750.00 is over $10K and part number is called "VOLT-GK1" But is made specifically for the Arri 1.74" Sled and gimbal?
  3. What size is your Pro Vest Made for? 917 992 0510 Alex@LAiR.tv
  4. How Much? and does it come with the Flex vest or just slingshot
  5. Ahhh Gotcha. So does that mean your kit comes with the following: -Pneumatic Pipe Module -Seat plate w/ adjustment lever -Four 3 inch riser posts
  6. On their website standard Kit is $1000 and deluxe model is $1,600... I am interested but not for more then the retail
  7. Hey, When you say you switched to a Volt post do you mean a Tiffen Volt post? or the Arri Volt Post? And M-2 Gimbal is made for 1.58" I thought it has to be an M-1 Gimbal thats 1.75"
  8. Hey, lmk if you want to part out. I would be interested in buying the Ronin 2. But I already own Alpha wheels and Ready Rig.
  9. What kind? If they are Michelle mount and Ronford baker...I will take them...where are you located... Alex@LAIR.TV 917 992 0510
  10. Hey, still available? I will buy it from you. Alex@LAIR.tv (917)992-0510
  11. Hey, Very interested, just want to confirm that other gold mount battery brands will still work on this charger?
  12. Interested in Vest. What is the Size of your Walter Klassen Flex Vest? Is it a Large? What size is your waist and height? Serial Number?
  13. are you willing to sell Ultra arm separately?
  14. Im interested in the Assorted MKV cables. could you send me what they are in more detail? Alex at lair dot tv
  15. Do you know if this will work with the MK-V Deluxe Nexus 2" Sled?
  16. Hey what size waist do you have? And what size Walter Klassen Vest is it? Medium or Large? Do you have the Serial number of the Flex Vest?
  17. Hey, If you ever decide to sell the Wave let me know. I would be happy to take it.
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