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  1. Obviously the above measurements are NOT in CM but Inches. Brain Fart!
  2. These were bought in December and have been used on about 5 shoot days, so basically brand new.All with boxes etc if wanted.Really nice little batteries with 2 d-taps, one of which is “smart” and can take a direct charge from a little adapter IDX sells.£2250+VAT and P&P (currently £2600 on CVP)I guess UK would be best as sending batteries difficult. Can be collected in London N8
  3. Having decided to back out of my venture into Steadicam due to other opportunities in life opening up, i have for sale a brand new GPI PRO Vest. It was bought through Optical Support here in London in December and has been worn once. I paid £4554.81 and would like to recoup as much of that as possible naturally, so looking for £4400 + P&P (+VAT in UK). Obviously anyone buying would prob have been looking to buy direct but here you get a small discount and the added benefit of jumping the PRO que! Measurements i gave them (in CM): Waist is 33.5 Chest is 40.
  4. I bought this from Portuguese operator Leandro Silva back in November/December as my first arm and have since decided to back out of my Steadicam plans due to other opportunities in life opening up. The arm was used very little by Leandro, as it was his second arm, and last year he had it upgraded by smartsystem to their latest DynaSpring version. I myself have never had a chance to use it beyond a couple tests. The arms is provided with old silver springs as well as the new black and blue dynasprings It is in a “temporary” rifle case which could quite easily be its permanent case, I’m sure that’s what would have happened with me! It is provided with a neoprene (i think) rain cover My experience communicating with SmartSystem and their owner/engineer Andrea Falcucci has been amazing and he is on all the facebook groups and forums etc. You can transfer registration of the arm by its serial number and they will provide support. As a very new operator who never even had a chance to get to grips with the arm my opinion doesn’t count for much, but i researched it thoroughly before purchasing and by all accounts it is an incredible arm (and not JUST for the money).. but I’m sure if you are looking to buy the arm you will have done your own research. Looking for £4900, which is what i paid for it and a great deal. I’m in London so sale would ideally be in UK where price would be +VAT, but happy to deal with getting it shipped elsewhere at your expense if necessary.
  5. Looking for a first arm and the Arm X1 is a strong option for me so looking to see if anything out there on the used market. Let me know! Emile
  6. Am in the market for my first arm, weighing up different options, and would be interested in available Luna arms in good condition. Ideally UK/Europe.
  7. New operator looking to take on some well loved PRO gear to look after for years to come. Would consider whole package or separate elements. Sled most important at this point. Ideally UK/EU based but would definitely consider opportunities coming from further afield. Thanks! emile.ebrahim.kelly {AT} gmail etc
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