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  1. Update: Nick got me over everything I needed last night, Thanks!
  2. Hi all! First post here - I've been trying to get a price list / make a purchase from Tiffen for 5 weeks now. After 4 different contacts and conversations, I still can not get anyone to even send me a pricing sheet. Trying to decide between a M2 Volt with the larger 1 3/4 post or M1 with volt, but seriously can not get any help. I've been a commercial Dp and camera op for 8 years. very eager and ready to get into the steadicam world, as I've always been jealous of their ability on set. I am Doing the SOA class in October, so I would love to get an order in and enter the work force ASAP. At this point, it makes me nervous to even purchase from Tiffen.. is this a common issue? I now believe I will be going for a GPI PRO rig and getting the Volt (if I can get ahold of anyone.) Just looking for advice, or to know if I'm the only one who's had this struggle - I would obviously like to enter this part of the work force with friends and relationships of those I'm purchasing my tools from. Also, if anyone has the Tiffen pricing chart and wouldn't mind a personal message send, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance, I've been reading through this forum for a few weeks - great community!
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