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  1. Let me know if this sale falls through, I’m interested
  2. Bought this arm off of Matt Petrosky who is a great operator out in Atlanta. It was a back up arm and was hardly used. It’s a amazing arm and flys smooth like butter.. Package comes with: -6in, 12in Post -Original Bag w/ Tools -x2 Blue Canisters / x2 Black Canisters -Titan Arm The price is $15,500 OBO I’m selling cause I don’t need an arm this powerful for the work that I do. I’m based out in Los Angeles if you want to meet up!
  3. Hi Tim I just paid the membership. Please let me know when I can start posting
  4. Is this post still available?

  5. Let's do it! You can email me and we can make something happen allen@scriptlessmedia.com
  6. Would love to link up with anyone in LA as well for a practice session!
  7. Hey Sebastian, Like you I've just started my Steadicam career and I recently just purchased my own rig. I used the g50x and the M2 combo extenisvely during my time at the SOA Steadicam workshop and it handled cameras up 30lb - 40lb no problem. The Amira might be pushing it depending what AKS is being utilized with that build.
  8. Hi I’m looking for 2 blue canisters for the GPI Titan Arm. I’m based out in LA and can be connected through the forums or my email allen@scriptlessmedia.com
  9. I second this question as I also have 2 blues / 2 blacks
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