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  1. I’m glad you like both! Any issues you had initially or did everything work pretty well together? I’m thinking about getting both myself with an Exovest but I live in the US. have you had any issue getting parts or repairs done or have you not encountered any of that yet? How long have you had the equipment?
  2. Hello all, I am currently a senior in film school in the US practicing to become a Steadicam operator upon graduation. While I am still a beginner I have practiced with lighter DSLR flycam rigs with and without a vest for well over a year and took a certified Steadicam training course with Paul Taylor a few weeks before quarantine in 2020. I am looking to purchase equipment that will last me awhile, I can use for smaller sets that have smaller cameras, yet also can be used for larger rigs and more professional sets and equipment. I have been looking at the Fawcett Exovest for my vest, Smart System Arm X1 or Tiffen G-70X for my arm, and either the Smart System Matrix Sled Extreme or the Steadicam Archer 2 for my sled. I also am aware the Smart System in made in Italy which might cause longer delays in getting any potential repairs done but my feeling is that if I’m doing everything right and taking care of everything properly it shouldn’t break, right? I've looked into getting used gear but have been thinking against it so I can have warranties for what I buy. Does anyone have any experience with what I've listed or have any better recommendations? I have a budget of about $30,000
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