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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Steadicam-Zephyr-Power-Cable-Alexa/dp/B01NAU6565 Will this do?
  2. Running the Arri Mini on a Music video coming up, just to be sure I want to get a cable to run power to the camera in case the payload is too heavy. What cable do I need and where is a fast place to get it. I'm located in New Zealand haha! We are sometimes limited to fast delivery.
  3. Hey team - new operator here. Just received my Zephyr a while ago and well into training and getting some of my first jobs. Just wondering what are some first accessories you recommend to start adding to the kit. Whether they be cables, batteries, pouches, hard cases, bottle holders: anything! especially with Christmas coming up, some suggestions would be amazing! Already have a low mode kit, stand, v mount charger.
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