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  1. Hi Ben. I'm also located in Brooklyn, and planning on taking some of the workshops, and hopefully building out a kit this year, and would love to meet some of the other Steadi Ops and get some practice in.
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Sahid, and I am an operator based out of Brooklyn NY. This is my very first post, so I apologize if this is not the right place to ask this question. I was curious if anyone had any information regarding the upcoming SOA workshop, particularly the May workshop in PA for 2022. I'm primarily a studio and robotic operator now, but I have always wanted to work as a Steadicam operator ever since I've seen some of the amazing shots pulled off with it. I have been wanting to signup for the SOA workshop since 2019, but covid hit, and I kept checking back on the page to see if things would change or reschedule due to the pandemic. I kept checking and seeing that there were "only a few seats available" (which it still shows currently), and I was sort of waiting to acquire the funds needed for the workshop, so did not book last year. When I finally went to sign up a last week, I noticed that the website still showed the same limited seats available, but when trying to sign up, it's stating that it's fully booked. :( I had been planning on attending this particular workshop since last year, so I could learn all there is to learn, make connections, take the bronze or silver Tiffen course, invest in some used gear, and practice my moves and skills for this year since I'm guessing it's unlikely for me to get a lot of jobs right away. However, now that I see that this workshop is fully booked, and it's such a huge bummer. I sent an email through the website a few days ago and still didn't get any response whether there are spots still available, and I'm just sad that I would have to wait until October to take the course and learn. I was just curious if anyone on this forum is an instructor for the SOA workshop, or if anyone has any info they can share so that I may get some more information. The TIffen workshops are also tbd on the website, so it's a bit difficult for me to not be able to do anything until the fall of this year. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get on this matter. Thank you in advance for any help in this matter.
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