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  1. General consensus. I am the ultra 2 motorized stage and the remote a few days ago was working now only thing that works is side to side not forward and aft. How do I fix that problem. Cheers! Nikk
  2. Thats an easy hack!! Thanks you all!! Cheers!!
  3. Greetings Programs... I know this had been posted before but I can't find the thread. What causes the Alexa to vibrate on the sled and how to prevent this from happening. I'll be flying one in the next few weeks so I wanted to do my due dilegence before hand. Thanks in advance. Nikk
  4. This is sort of funny because Janice and I were just talking about the same thing a couple hours ago. Take the class and decide if it's for you I will say this... Make sure it's what you want and if you're going to grow out of it anytime soon and look towards the future and make sure you have everything you need to start off. I myself have a unit that I've grown out of and looking for the next best rig.
  5. you're a month and 2 days older than me LOL. Classic. What rig do you have

  6. MAN, When I saw it the first time I was besides myself, One was because Heros was back.YES 2nd when I saw you and your rig. After awhile I started noticing the DO. WOW THROUGH BACK!! You know like I said It just gets frustrating but like I said before Its the nature of the biz
  7. Maybe it's me or just the nature of the biz. When I first started I wasn't known too much but after word got around i was very busy and now its a flatline. Is this me or is it bad all around. I'm so frustrated i've had thoughs of just selling my rig and say TO HELL WITH IT :( :angry: but at the same time I've put too much time and money to stop. It's hard. Especially cause i'm in a not so busy market. I'm mean i've traveled but it's nothing like being on a union set. I mean I watch tv and see these operators on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE,previews for HEROS/VILLANS and the such and it burns me up for that fact that I KNOW I CAN DO THAT its all about location, location, location and knowing people. I'm so sick with it. It seems to me that all my friends are working and I've even put myself as camera op,DP and still I feel like I've been pigeoned holed as just a steadicam op, and i get the comment on the constant OH I didn't know you could shoot or DP?? If i can fly the rig don't you think I know how to shoot?? DUH!!! Is this common,LOL Anyway I just had to rant and get this off my chest cause it's been KILLIN ME in more ways that one. That's all I got. Nikk
  8. Hello how is everyone doing. OK HERE WE GO!!! I did a live to tape shoot and the client said that he would pay us after strike and did not. So I spoke to him and he asked to have him invoice him,which was no problem now he says that what I shot was poor and is delaying paying me if at all. Now here is the kicker. The conditions that I had to shoot in was unbearable. I had roughly maybe 2 feet to work with besides a banister out a foot from the stage plus they did not block off where I would be so, I had patrons in there seats having there feet out so I had to watch where I was going plus that banister and they would not let me have my AC to join me cause it was a union house. So, not only I not having my AC and having union guys who have no idea on what to even when I tried to explain how to "dance" and I forgot to add that is was on triax. Now it sounds as if he will not pay me for my services. I could go on and on about it but I but I am so Irate about it. could spit :angry: . Any suggestions on what i can do. I've never in my career as of yet dealt with this. Nikk
  9. I agree with David. I shot for them up in Columbus 3 years ago when Ohio St played Texas. Even though the section that I shot was an insert on there running"speed" coach, I got payment in about 3 weeks, but like everyone has said,each situation is different. That's my 2 cents and I'm sticking to it. Nikk
  10. Thanks for the info. I asked this prior when this cam first came out and I looked it back up to see what i got in response. As LBS I have 2 7lbs plates and with one plus the anton batt I have more than enought to balance and fly with ease. As in the focus ABSOLUTELY. I do not trust the on board to save my life. I'm going wireless vid asst an in the stabilizer, OFF never used it and never will on any cam. It tries to compensate and the frame moves. HATE IT. Thanks though. Fly safe
  11. Wow you know as soon as I posted this I found what I was looking for. I need to get out more often. LOL :D Thanks though. Talk to everyone very soon. Like I said I'm a GOOF!!! LOL
  12. OK RIGHT PLACE!!! Lets try this again. I'm a Goof!!! :P If you can' laugh at yourself, everyone else will...Like you. Has anyone shot with the cannon XL H1 and if so does the hd/sd out automatically downconvert to sd or do you need a down converter for it. The reason why I might have a shoot with it coming up. I looked on cannon's site but gave no info about it. Thanks. Nikk "Flyin' Da Rig" Sutton
  13. What are the pro's and con's on the AR system and is it worth the price of admission. Thanks
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