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  1. @Bryan Trieb SOC Yeah for sure. For the other days i had been in the crowd so it didn't matter as much but i was told to go up on stage kinda last minute. I was kicking myself over it lol.
  2. Hey! Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this on but wanted some pro ops to critique my first steadicam gig. For some background this was shot using the Red Komodo with a canon 15-47 CNE lens. I was pulling focus using a tilta nucleus handgrip rigged up to my gimbal handle so that made it pretty hard especially for being my first gig but luckily most of the shots didn't require much pulling. I definitely notice the horizon being off for some of these but any other comments you may have that might help would greatly be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hello, Looking for a steadicam proline with the vest and arm to have as my first steadicam to practice with. My email is: Williamson.Richard.Cine@gmail.com Thanks!
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