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  1. Hey Steadi-Friends, Pretty fresh here and to operating so appreciate any advice! I'm working on improving slow walks and booming up and down at the same time and not quite sure what the best ISO setting might be for this situation. From my limited understanding I would want to take the ISO/RIDE out for the slow walks to maximise the arm working on returning to center to take out my steps effectively. But when booming would want the ISO/RIDE in so I can ride out the movements without having to fight the arm as-much trying to return back. Going to guess 50/50 might be good option but would love to hear how other operators would approach it and maybe how you go about thinking what feels good for RIDE settings for your specific shots overall? I'm trying to practice recreating a slow moving scene working between table height to standing height slowly; back and forth etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton! -Frosty.
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