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  1. i third this question. anyone?
  2. Hey to all you GPI Titan Arm Users, i am wondering how smooth your bearings around the post are running? mine seem to be pretty slow/sticky. as soon as i use a catgriller post being around 0,1mm too thick to spin freely i can feel the bearings really transporting arm movement onto my gimbal. any experience of yours to share? someone has maintenance tips to clean them? wanted to ask you users first before i contact GPI about it. best norwin
  3. thanks again Maxwel, really appreciate you taking the time for this detailed answer! looks like you found the solution immediately. i will get in touch with WK about that adapter. take care! :) best N
  4. thanks for your quick answer Maxwel, the vest is new to me, i bought it second hand which was declared as goofy, just like me. so i didn't change sides or anything. your lead is a good tip, i'm finding mine with a pretty straight block in the back, not sure if this old version of the harness works with a crossover block, but logically it should do just that, changing the angle of the socket block so the upper end of the block moves away from the vest while the lower part moves towards it, am i right? since this is a 3" dropdown arm there's little use in switching sides no matter what block is used in the back? thanks for your help!
  5. following up on that topic. @Werner Juergen Heinemann any chance for that little tutorial?
  6. Hey everyone, i'm wondering if any of you Walter Klassen Vest Owners has similar "issues" with the angle of the socket block coming from the backmount arm. It appears to me that in order to stand up straight, weight on both legs with a good hip/Spine alignment i need to get to upper screw almost all the way out (around 2,5 full turns) and lower one almost all in. so the socket block seems to be way too angled the way it's installed. any of you can share how you find your arm positioned in the socket block when you try to get a good straight up posture with the rig in position, weight on both legs equaled? attached is a pic. thanks for sharing! best Norwin ps.: it's kind of an old goofy WK vest with ratchets still only on one side not like the new ones with four ratchets.
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