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  1. debating which system to buy into... The HME's (MB300 and WH300 all-in-one headsets) are 3-4x time the price but is also the industry standard. The Eartec's are much cheaper and more efficient since they don't require a base station. I have used both and this is my experience. HME Pros: Up to 12 people can talk at the same time (up to 30 people with two base stations), ability to connect base station to walkies for communicating with AC's and other crew that don't wear headsets, headsets have good battery life (base station not so much) Cons: A lot more expensive, require AC to set up base station during company moves Eartec Pros: Easy to setup and use, cheap, lift speaker up to mute Cons: plastic feeling, no ability to connect with walkies, have received complains about interference from sound mixer, person wearing master headset must stay within range I'm curious to hear y'all thoughts
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