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  1. Hi Christian! Actually I‘m a newbie in the field of steadicam - and am just awaiting the delivery of my first rig! Regarding the monitor I went for a Smartsystem SM7-3K-Z! It‘s 7“! 3000Nits! Aluminium housing! With electronic horizon! And compared to Transvideo reasonable priced! It should come glossy - but if you call them right away they accidentally got non-glossy panels from Swit - you might choose! But I have no experience regarding the quality as I still wait for mine! But Smartsystem offers great support in my opinion! And as you are from Germany it‘s even easier! When I receive my rig I can post some pictures of the monitor! Liebe Grüße aus Wien Gerald
  2. Hi everybody! I am also very interested in which lowmode monitors are popular! The SmallHD 503UB is awesome brightnesswise which the Transvideo isn‘t - but it’s small! Has anybody experience with a Portkeys BM5 III WR??? https://www.portkeys.com/bm5-wr/ I haven‘t had it in my hands but it looks quite interesting with high brightness, aluminium housing and 5 inch screen! But I don’t know how reliable it is!? Best regards Gerald
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