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  1. hey! im looking of a 7-8" mon for my rig, it must have a recording function for personal use (mostly reviewing my work and improving also for creating reels) iv'e looked around and I thought a lot about the stargate 7" and the starlite 5" for low mode. how useable is the recording function? how good is the monitor in daylight? is it gloss or mat? thanks for your help!
  2. I too own a NB arm, sled and vest also! I enjoy working with the rig it is really well made and designed. Nir told me he is developing a new version to his vest and I really hope to see what he comes up with. the current vest is a good fit for me, but could be better as I have a relative short and wide torso, I had thought on getting an exo vest but import tax in my country are unfair towards citizens and it made it financially impossible to buy and maintain steadicam equipment without being a big company with deep pockets.
  3. make a 2 meter X on your floor and close it off to be a box with an X inside, practice moving the rig on the line and dance around it while pointing at a moving or static X mark on you wall. Practice switching while always walking forward or backwards never sideways, move slow and fast, stops and holds all the range of motion. this really helped me get better at moving in a small area I would also practice moving trough doorways and tight corridors while switching from missionary to Don Juan if you can get your hands on a copy of the steadicam operator manual.
  4. I just got a Blackmagic mini converter and zip tie it to the camera rig. powered off D-tap with a a 5v regulator. works great. I use it with my Blackmagic pocket 6k on small production. rent is really good on these jobs because production pays me for my day, the rig rental camera and lenses.
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