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  1. Following. I too want to get a Volt for my PRO.
  2. Doing some long lens low mode practice today and came across this thread. Glad to find some reassurance.
  3. Thanks @Maxwel Fisher, I'll be sure to look deeper into the forum. I'm not exactly the most business savvy so I appreciate your input. Just trying to make my rentals as streamlined as possible. Cheers,
  4. Additionally, do y'all charge a rental every day that your rig is working or do you do 3 day weeks like other camera gear. Thank you,
  5. I'm just starting out. I have my first gig this week (wish me luck!) and I'm now realizing I need to work out some of the administrative parts of being a Steadicam owner and operator. I haven't owned any significant pieces of gear until now so I haven't dealt with a lot of the organization and paperwork that comes with that and I was hoping y'all would grace me with your wisdom. 1. Inventory. I made a Google Sheets document itemizing all my gear. Is there a better format for this? Something like I see from camera rental houses? 2. Do you have production sign some sort of rental agreement with an itemized list on every job? If so, any advice on what that should look like? Any and all wisdom when it comes to the gear rental side of being an operator would be greatly appreciated.
  6. @Maxwel Fisher thanks so much for your reply and sorry for the delay in mine! I actually ended up looking around a bit more and decided to make a more expensive investment into a gpi pro cine live sled with Atlas arm. I'm really happy I decided to keep looking and have been having a blast learning the skill.
  7. I'm brand new into steadicam myself (just bought my first rig last week) and I'd be horrified this being my first gig! Look at all those people! Yeah the horizon was floating around a bit, but it kind of ads to the energy of the event. You also had some great whip pans! Super confident landings on those. I'm sure some of the pros on here can provide some better feedback. Cheers,
  8. Actually that is quite helpful because now I'm looking at an Archer2 myself. How has that treated you so far? Has the lighter payload capacity kept you from doing any jobs? Thanks,
  9. Looks like this is from some time ago, but did you end up purchasing a Smart System rig? Just curious because I'm in the market and was just looking at their basic kit.
  10. Update: Went and looked at the rig. It seems like a decent set up from my novice opinion. The post is a super rugged 2.0" titanium and it runs on AB batteries with 12 and 24 volt power options plus hd video from an XCS base. The gimbal is in good condition as far as I can tell. The vest is a little diy if you will. Original Baer-Bel with some customizations to make it more user friendly. I didn't get it quite tight enough, but it seems like there is room to make it smaller. The arm I noticed has a little oxidation happening in spots and is quite heavy. It also doesn't have quite the nice smooth action that I've felt on other people's rigs, but this could be an upgrade in the near future. The owner is incredibly kind and offering a pretty good rate.
  11. Hey y'all, I'm excited to be new to the steadicam community. I haven't even purchased my first rig yet, but I'm super anxious to do so. I'm going to look at someone's Baer-Bel rig and wanted to get the communities opinion about this brand before I make any drastic moves. I realize it's not "top of the line," but would it be a good start? Is it compatible with other brands so I can upgrade some components as I go, like a new arm? Would it be difficult to have any maintenance done if I have any issues? Any knowledge y'all have is appreciated. I just don't want to make any major mistakes right at the beginning of my career. Thank you,
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