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  1. 2 hours ago, Maxwel Fisher said:

    Hi @Paulo Aurelio, there are definitely used rigs for sale on here (would encourage you to use the search function on the site). You can also find some smaller packages that might be more in your budget on the Steadicam Marketplace group on Facebook.

    As far as choosing the best rig. That's more personal. Think about what most of your work entails and the kind of cameras you use. A lot of entry level packages have small weight limits, though you can always mix and match your gear to best fit what you need. Again, using the search feature or browsing through the "steadi-newbies" and "general discussion" sections will yield a wealth of information.

    Hello Maxwel, thanks for taking the time to read, respond and recommend me to look elsewhere.  I will do the same from now on, I hope to find some package available


    a hug!



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