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  1. I like the idea if the jacket with the back opening. I’ll try if I can do the same but with a side opening so the arm of the vest itself is also covered from the rain. But the Velcro addition is worth implementing :)
  2. Hey guys, I hope this is the right place for this. I’m looking for a rain coat or jacket that I can throw over me and the Walter Klassen vest when it comes pouring down. Being in the Uk that’s a rather daily situation. I know there are big ponchos etc but I never liked them without operating gear, so I know the extra material will only be annoying me even further. I’m considering just getting a rain coat a few sizes bigger than I would normally wear and see if I can make an opening on the side of the arm. Maybe even the pocket will alight and I could just make a cut for the socket lock to go through?! I was wondering if someone done something similar and if so if you have recommendations for coats that seemed to work well. cheers
  3. Hey William, Do you have. Picture of the exact arm you’re after? I might have one I could send from the UK. Drop me a DM
  4. I've seen a bunch of those around. Seem to be the exact same as Adicam carts. Both seem pretty good for their money. It's the small things where you experience the difference. Main things I've seen going down with use is the rubber cornering on the shelves and the carpet mats on the shelves coming loose. The carpet mats can just be glued down with some spray glue. No idea about the rubber cornering
  5. Heya, I just bought my first Steadicam rig and it came with an unused GPI Pro Green a screen Monitor. Have to double check what exact model. Previous owner bought it directly from Pro but replaced the monitor right away and since been sitting in a shelf. not sure that has any use or sentimental/collectors value to anyone? Should come with the fixed Pro monitor mount as well. Drop me a DM if you wanna anything more
  6. I’d be interested in the sled and accessories if you’re interested in splitting off the arm?
  7. Heya, is the sled still available? Piecing together a new rig
  8. Hey guys, I’m looking for a monitor/recorder to go under my sled for the odd low mode shot but mainly to record the takes for quick playback and or my own reel. Can’t be bothered to hunt down production for footage all the time. What are you guys using and or do you have a preference between those two options? Main concern with the Atomos is the fan noise…
  9. Hey Maxwel, You pointed out exactly what I was considering. The Zephyr has a 23rd so or 10.4Kg payload.. so with 2 Titon 150 on the bottom (~2.2kg) I’d have ~8.2kg left for monitor and camera package I guess.. If I’m right to assume that the advised payload of 10.4KG is inclusive of ANYTHING I add to the rig right?
  10. Loren, in regards to backpain and Easyrigs, I had the same issue, where even with the vest waist straps super tight it's still a bit lose. What I can reocmmend is getting a windbag / air wedge liek shown in the picture below and place that in the middle of your back at waist height. Then have the AC pump it up to your liking. Massive improvement
  11. Hey guys, I’m looking to buy a new set of Gold Mount batteries and currently between the Anton Bauer Titon 150 and the Beebob 150 micro. Both have the same mount and capacity but are quite a difference in weight and size. Titon = 1.09KG Beebob = 0.77kg I’m wondering if anyone has experience with each or either and what would make more sense, especially going forward? Part of me thinks having heavier batteries will come in handy with the balancing? I’m currently aiming to start out with a Zephyr rig with dual battery mount and down the line step up to a full sized rig.
  12. Hey guys, looking for a 2nd battery mount for a Zephyr rig, preferably located in the UK or Europe but open to offers from overseas.
  13. Hey Melody, 

    i hope it’s okay to write you here directly. I think I saw your kit up for sale on another platform just recently and was wondering if you mind sharing for how much you sold the kit? I just want to make sure I’m not overpaying as I’m just starting out and looking for a practise rig while I save up for a full sized one 



  14. Hey guys, I’m literally just starting out my steadicam journey and came across an offer that has the Exovest, A30 arm and Aero 30 for a pretty good price compared to what it would cost new. I’m wondering if this rig would be a good option to start practicing at home without having to go to a rental every time? I’m really trying to get the hours in to get the basics down. I read somewhere that learning on a more lightweight sled/rig is transferable to bigger rigs and might even help as a bigger/heavier rig is a bit more forgiving? I know the A30 arm and Aero 30 Sled will quite quickly be maxed out for use on actual shoots, but I could update/replace those when I get there. The Exovest I could keep using. I’m yet to check out the different vests in general to see which suits me best. But in case I like the Exovest, do you guys think this could be a good step?
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering if it is possible to switch the mounting socket for the arm on an Exovest from the lightweight one to the normal one? I have the chance to buy the vest with an A30 arm for a pretty good price but would want to switch the socket to use it with an G50x or G70x arm quite soon. Is that possible and what part would I need to buy/how much would that cost me roughly? Trying to see if I can actually save money or if buying the “replacement part” would mean I can just buy the vest new with the right socket.
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