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  1. I’d be interested in the XCS LT3 and one Betz Tripodlokplate in case you’re happy to split that off :) Best Simeon
  2. Would you sell the tripod lock plate separately?
  3. Hey Aaron, absolutely understand. Should it get “left behind” or no one picks it up, do let me know
  4. Hey guys, anyone here selling an XCS LT2 or LT3? Preferably located in the UK (or Europe) but happy to hear from anyone everywhere :)
  5. Heya, would you consider selling the riser plates separately?
  6. Heya, I got a Churchill Monitor Mount that firs a 1.5” post if you’re interested. located in the Uk but happy to ship
  7. Selling an GPI Pro Gen 3 Monitor (Green Screen) and Horizon Most likely not of much use nowadays but maybe someone feels nostalgic and or runs a museum? Still has the plague from the first owner on it. Open to offers (donations) Located in London, UK but happy to ship if buyer covers cost
  8. Hey guys, upgraded my docking bracket so no longer need this. Located in London, UK but happy to ship if buyer covers cost. comes with one docking ring hoping for £200 but open to offers
  9. Hey guys, got a Betz Churchill Monitor Mount for sale. In great shape, only small signs of use - had it as my backup but no longer needed. located in London, UK but happy to ship Open to offers
  10. Heya, don’t have the full rig, but I got a Betz Churchill Monitor Mount if you’re interested
  11. Hey guys, looking to get a Cam Jam Quattro and wondering if I could 3D print the spacers for the Center post? Seeing as they only fill a gap I’m wondering if that would be a suitable solution?
  12. Heya, I know it’s an old post but from me a message if you’re still looking for one :)
  13. Would you sell the Monitor and Arm/Bracket without the sled?
  14. Hey mate, it's an older thread I know, but any chance this is still available?
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for a telescoping monitor bracket for my GPI Pro rig. Preferable the GPI own one, but open to other offers of the same style. UK based would be a dream, but happy to sort out shipping :)
  16. Heya @michael a crankshaw, It's an old thread but if you're still looking for one, I have one spare in a bit
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