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  1. Hey guys, Wanted to ask, has anyone used carts made by FILMCART.EU? https://www.filmcart.eu would you recommend it? Innovative is too expensive for me at the moment, and i had to chose between FILMCART or Adicam, and i am leaning towards filmcart. Looking forward to any suggestions/review. Best, Vicken J.
  2. the hardmount system lets you attach the arm to tubes and other places when we are in a vehicle correct? definitely needed and would me more efficient to operate that way then holding it the standard way on my body.. will check final budget.. haha i saw there is a coupon section on the checkout, asked lara if there is such a discount, if there is then will add the hardmount i guess. for low mode, you use the J bracket right? is it easy to go from regular to low mode with your setup? i am adding the dropdown kit for low mode, Lara already quickly replied to my mail, will check what the dropdown kit has. Best, Vicken
  3. Thank you so much man, i have been contacting a lot of operators on instagram, they are all responding and giving me so much advice. i tested the M2 sled when i was in LA, tried the Artemis as well and the GPI pro, but according to budget i think i will go with matrix one extreme bundle and then upgrade it with the volt in the future, the difference is 13k$ before monitors and all cables and extra accessories, which is too high for me at the moment to get the chimera. I will start with this package and upgrade in the future. Attached the list of items, still missing all the cables and batteries will purchase from a local store because it's for some reason really hard to purchase batteries and ship it to Qatar Doha. thank you so much man,
  4. Hey Angel! thank you for your response! sorry if i am adding questions, but i checked your website ( great work first of all) secondly, you are using full on Smartsystem gear, sled,vest,monitor. would you recommend it? trying to cut the budget down, i saw that yours is the chimera with the volt costing 33k without monitor so abt35/36k with monitor, which is back to the cost of the artemis 2 package i was checking( includind the cables necessary including powering arri cameras and hdsdi cable) but how about the matrix one extreme package? 20k including vest and arm, looks like a great deal! 23k including monitor seems perfect.. also, the package still misses all the necessary cables though right? sorry for all the questions, trying to figure it all out. worrying to chose the sled since any high end sled is 20k and up so trying to chose and not regret afterwards. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hey Louis! Thank you for replying, i really appreciate it, i emailed them to get an idea regarding the arm you mentioned. thank you!
  6. Hello, Wanted advice from steadicam owners, will be purchasing my first rig finally. i was renting up until now, looking into buying the Artemis 2. my question is the arm choice, whenever i do a search or follow operators on instagram, i have never seen anyone using the Arri Artemis Carbon spring arm. is it that bad? like i literally did not see any single person using it. i can't afford the higher end arms like Gpi Pro or Tiffen, i will be using the arm for heavy setups. My options were either SmartSystems AX1 ( 75lbs payload ) or flowcine Xarm ( 64lbs payload). My initial choice was AX1 from Smartsystems but they have a 3months backorder. Any advice would be amazing, the reason i am asking about the arri arm is because we don't have a seller here in doha so will be ordering the whole package from dubai, but will have to exclude the arm since i dont see anyone chosing this arm over any other arm in this industry. Thank you in advance. Vicken J.
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