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  1. Bump. USD$375.00 o.b.o. Ships from metro Detroit. Batteries: SN# 11962 - 129 Cycles SN# 84026 - 221 Cycles SN# 86647 - 188 Cycles SN# 84029 - 228 Cycles Free shipping within continental US. Buyer pays shipping otherwise. Thanks!!
  2. That's amazing. Harrowing tale of good people doing the right thing! A fun read, too!
  3. That's really sad. Good on you for helping out the family. All the best of luck. -Bob
  4. Bump. I would like to get this shipped out by Thursday of this week. Make me an offer. Free US ground shipping. Thanks!
  5. Hi All. 4x Anton Bauer Hytron 140 Batteries 1x Anton Bauer Dual 2722 Powercharger InterActive 1x Anton Bauer Dual Powercharger 2700 Series InterActive No guarantees on the life left in the batteries. They charge, test, and balance fine. These are heavy nickel metal hydride (Ni-Mh) gold mount batteries. Can be sent air cargo because they are not Li-Ion. Free Domestic UPS Ground Shipping in US Lower 48. International shipping including insurance will be paid by buyer. USD$850.00 o.b.o.
  6. Hi There. Could you post the sizing given to WK for production? Waist diameter, torso height, etc? Thanks!
  7. Hey All. I run into a situation with my vest that the aluminum stiffening block on the waist straps gets caught in the strap guide at the end of the waist pad plastic. This means that I have to run the block right up against the last tooth of the plastic ratchet strap in order for that piece to clear the strap guide. A solution I thought would work is to drill a new hole for the ratchet buckles on either side of the vest about 1.5" in from where they currently sit. (see pic) However I don't want to invite cracking or a loss of shear strength in the plastic because there is now a hole "downstream" of the load. Then again, the load is between the new hole and the spar connector to the waist plastic. Hmm. Any thoughts on bringing the ratchet buckles closer to the center of the vest? I see that the Ultra vests have the ratchet buckles very close to the center spar, granted that they are attached directly to the front stiffening plate. Thanks for your help!
  8. Just to clarify, despite previous damage, this mount is fully functional and better than new with the updated hardware? Thanks!
  9. Hi All. Thought I'd open up the conversation I'm having in my head to the community to help me get some clarity. I have rig that uses a ProVid arm. This is the arm with two sprung sections. It was recently serviced by Robert Luna in LA and seems to be fine, technically. A little harder to handle than the arm which I trained on which is the A-30. The ProVid arm was tuned lighter and confirmed to carry between 20-33lbs, and the A-30 guidance is not to exceed 30lbs. So we're pretty evenly matched in terms of capacity. Today I prepped for a shoot tomorrow with a sled and camera package weighing in at 23lbs and swapped socket blocks to use the director's own A-30 arm, just to compare again. Why does it feel like the A-30 arm is so much more responsive than the ProVid? I'm fully open to any wisdom to point me in the right direction on all fronts. Technically why is there such an extreme difference in float / feel? How to improve my ProVid or just save up for a better / newer arm? Thanks in advance! Bob
  10. Hey all. Looking for a docking collar for a 1.5” post. This is to mate with the older CP / Tiffen dock with the curved inside edge. If there is an upper and lower set, bonus. Upper post dia 1.5” / 38.1 mm Lower post dia 1.37” / 34.8 mm Links, referrals, or digging through your parts bin appreciated! Thanks for your help! -Bob
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