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  1. Hey Imani. Cool. Look forward to meeting you at the workshop tomorrow!
  2. Bump. Hit me up if you're nearby and would like to share the gas. Thanks!
  3. Steadicam Pilot V-mount rig with sled, vest, arm, and extras. - Steadicam Pilot Sled with SD video and V-mount power - Steadicam Pilot Arm - Steadicam Pilot Vest - Steadicam Merlin Weights - Docking / Balancing Bracket - HDMI to SD video adapter - Bondhus 5/32” T-wrench - Extra arm aircraft pins - 3/8-16” and 1/4-20” mounting bolts - Manfrotto quick release system - original instructions / paperwork - Foam insert from Steadicam Pilot backpack which fits perfectly in a Pelican 1650 case. Top layer needs to be re-glued. Great condition. (Stand not included) Pick up in Los Angeles, or happy to ship at buyer’s expense. Thanks! USD$850
  4. Hey All. I'll be in LA attending the Bronze Workshop at AbelCine in Burbank this December 6-7, 2022. We are staying in Culver City near Venice and Motor. If anyone is also attending the workshop and would like to carpool, I'll chip in for gas and get coffee. Thanks! Bob
  5. Hey everyone. It's nice to be part of this club. Director of Photography and fan of camera movement, especially the elegance capable through Steadicam. I have been reading lots of threads here and think to myself, "Yep." "Uh huh." "Right there with ya." So wondered if anyone wanted to chime in on their favorite footwear while working? I just came off a feature where I was in waterproof Rockport boots with lug soles for our cold night forest exteriors on cobblestone and rocky paths, Sketchers work shoes for pavement exteriors, and regular Puma "sneakers" for interiors when I knew we'd be able to sit between setups. I find that the right shoes and socks can make for a great day with plenty of energy, or the reverse in the wrong ones. Anyone else?? Thanks for the indulgence. -Bob
  6. Apologies. Not the same guy. Good luck in Philly, though!!
  7. Bro, are you the guy who made the monitor conversion kit for the Pilot? If you have any left and have them with you, I'd like to pick one up. You can email me at bob.beresh@gmail.com or reply here. Thanks! Good luck in your new hometown. Keep hustling and you'll keep working.
  8. Hey there! I'd like to pick up one of your kits if still available. Please feel free to email me at bob.beresh@gmail.com Thanks!
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