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  1. New Price 2800€ including a Pelicase 1610 used for transport and storage.
  2. Selling my beloved master vest as I change up my system. It worked like a charm for the last couple of years. Got a beautiful used look on it but for all the years I would still consider it beeing in quite a good condition. some modifications I did: I replaced the straps with newer ones from Tiffen last year because the buckles weren’t holding the weight anymore. I also stiched the back-shoulder part together as the velcro didn’t hold it anymore and got rid of the safety rope. ( as seen in the picture ) 3500€, pickup or test in Berlin, shipping also possible… I would prefer shipping within Europe but worldwide is manageable. open for offers. cheers, Raymond
  3. Hey there, I just paid the 50$ via PayPal. Let me know as soon as i got the premium upgrade. Great Forum btw!
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