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  1. $3400 USD 11 to 38 lb Load Capacity Adjustable Line Tension Cinema 3 Vest 5" Extended Arm Carrying Case Serial #V1190
  2. Great Condition. Docking station 2. with rings. $1000USD, plus shipping. Pics to follow shortly, but here's a stock photo.
  3. Sorry, I just saw that you replied. I can take pics of mine on Monday and post them. Basically it looks identical to this one (not mine). Hardly any scratches.
  4. If you’re still looking, I’m thinking of selling my sleek 2” xcs docking bracket. Great condition. It comes with 2@ rings.
  5. $1200 Plus Shipping. Works great. G4 Single Channel MDR, with bracket. (including back-up G3board, 9 cables: 1@ Epic S/S, 1@ Red S/S. 1@ Sony F55, F65 S/S, 1 @ Arriflex, Moviecam, 1 @ 11 pin Fischer, 2@ Panaflex, 2@ Sony ENG style F900. Kind of obsolete cables but you could modify the ends to the current day camera cables.
  6. $2100. USD, plus shipping. Includes a bag, 2 posts, j- bracket bracket for lowmode.
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