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  1. Tammy Jones

    Optimal compression rates - Starlite transvideo

    Having the same issues are with mine... (aside from the compression that i am still trying to figure out) The issues of it booting on and off - mid shot, only happen on a 64 gig card. On my 32 gig card it's fine. I am talking with Marianne about this. I hope she has an answer. Out of the box, the compression rate is too low -very grainy- which is why I am wanting to change it.
  2. Tammy Jones


  3. Can anyone tell me what the optimal compression rates for recording with the Starlite Transvideo monitor/recorder? The factory settings are too low. The others i have selected have caused the monitor to lose picture while it converts or processes it. What compression rate number? (ie 1-23) What Diff Image number? (ie 1-4)
  4. Tammy Jones

    MustHD 703S Hyper-Brite monitor 2200 Nits

    Definitely a great price. What are the power connecter options?
  5. Tammy Jones

    Light weight Arm

  6. Tammy Jones


  7. Used only a few times. Comes with the bag. New each canister cost $3300. Both for $5000.
  8. Tammy Jones

    Wave 1

    PM me with details if you are selling one. thx!
  9. Tammy Jones

    Light weight Arm

  10. Tammy Jones