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  1. I am looking for a tilting 2" docking bracket . thanks!
  2. Tammy Jones

    Light weight Arm

    Open to offers! Plus, free shipping in the Canada and US.
  3. Tammy Jones

    Preston F/I G3 circuit board - free

    Yes, it is... for the the F/I Unit.
  4. Anyone want this? It's a Preston Focus / Iris Unit circuit board (G3 board) It works just old technology. FREE
  5. Tammy Jones

    Light weight Arm

    Bump $2400.
  6. Tammy Jones

    Easyrig Vario

    For sale again. :) Same price. It is still in good working condition.
  7. Tammy Jones

    Light weight Arm

    New price - $2500.00
  8. Tammy Jones

    taking a post down

    Hi there, I requested to have a post removed in the marketplace. please remove my post - Lightweight arm for sale. thx. If there is a way for members to remove their own posts, let me know.
  9. Tammy Jones

    Light weight Arm

    Please remove. thx.
  10. Tammy Jones

    Light weight Arm

    Bump. Open to offers.
  11. Tammy Jones

    Optimal compression rates - Starlite transvideo

    Having the same issues are with mine... (aside from the compression that i am still trying to figure out) The issues of it booting on and off - mid shot, only happen on a 64 gig card. On my 32 gig card it's fine. I am talking with Marianne about this. I hope she has an answer. Out of the box, the compression rate is too low -very grainy- which is why I am wanting to change it.
  12. Tammy Jones


  13. Can anyone tell me what the optimal compression rates for recording with the Starlite Transvideo monitor/recorder? The factory settings are too low. The others i have selected have caused the monitor to lose picture while it converts or processes it. What compression rate number? (ie 1-23) What Diff Image number? (ie 1-4)