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  1. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Bolt 2000

    I’m selling my bolt 2000 kit 1-TX 2-RX 1-sidekick 1 panel Antenna 1-wooden camera directors cage 1- small HD 702 monitor $8,500.00 Please eMail if interested philipmartinez@mac.com
  2. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Complete Preston HU3

    I’m selling my Preston: HU3 Microforce digital zoom control 1-DMX1 2- Dm2 MDR2 tons of cables and brackets $17,500.00 please eMail if interested philipmartinez@mac.com
  3. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Cinetronics Gen 2 Wanted

    Hi Francois, i habe a gen 2 with a yoke and a digital level. Please PM or eMail. Where are you located. The gear is in Manhattan, NY. philipmartinez@mac.com
  4. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    (Older) rig slipping out of balance

    Hi Sawyer, i use to own a clipper 24. Do you get a tick when you tilt 90 degrees down and when you tilt back up you find the fore and aft balance is out? That use to happen to me. It took a long time to track down how ever we finally discovered what it was. I do not fully understand what I am writing but maybe the tiffen people will. The “blocks” in the top stage had a 1/10000 inch of compression that was causing the problem. It really only showed up with longer camera set ups. The weight block they used at the shop was not re-creating the problem however when you had a Sony F900 with all the stuff on the problem was there. They eventually replaced the blocks with a new metal for me. This was in 2008 I’m no longer flying that sled. Hope me that helps. Feel free to call me if you have any more questions.
  5. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Teradek Bolt Pro 1TX 2RX

    New price $2250.00 O.B.O
  6. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Teradek Bolt Pro 1TX 2RX

    Hi I'm selling a wireless HDSDI system. This is the Bolt Pro HDSDI only (NO HDMI) Package includes 1- TX 2- RX 1- TV logic 5.6" HD monitor (has both SDI and HDMI but does NOT convert from one to the other) 1- custom cage for a receiver mounted to the monitor 6- L series batteries 2- Chargers 3- PTap to 2 pin power 1- 2pin to 2 pin short cable for monitor 2- mini xls to PTap power for monitor $2,500.00 for the complete package.
  7. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright

    Tough to say I've only had the 703 for a week, I've had a transvideo for years. I need to have the 703 Out in the field longer to say. The price points are very different. Both totally do the job. The built in level on the transvideo is nice. I have he XCS digital level so I do not need a level built into the monitor. I like the 703 for the low light work I've been doing at night. I find both the transvideo and cinetronic are great during the day but are hard to see at night, the way people are lighting these digital days.
  8. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright

    I've been using the 703 with the yoke for the past week and I'm happy with it. I have not noticed any delay other then the one that always comes out of the RED Dragon to any monitor other then the touch screen. It's a nice image we are going to run into the problem of DP's and Directors looking over are shoulder at it. The screen is reflective I'm tempted to put an iPad anti glare screen protector on it but I have not yet. I have been outside in sun and overcast this past week in the tri-state area and out of the box it has been good enough for me to see in all situations. I wish all monitors were water resistant because I hate rain covers. But this one is not. There is not a way to turn off the image flip so when going to low mode the quick and dirty way requires the push of a few buttons. I have spoke to Small HD and they are looking into a fix for it. All and all I'm happy with the monitor. I'm torn between buying the 503 to mount to the 15mm rods on the camera for low mode shots or buying a 2nd 703 so my back up monitor is exactly the same. I still have my cinetronic gen2 and the Steadicam/transvideo 8" high bright backing me up right now.
  9. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Steadicam/transvideo 8'monitor

    I am selling a steadicam/transvideo 8" monitor. it has the built in level, comes with the steadicam yoke and a custom bracket to go into the XCS monitor mount. $4,000.00 or best offer please eMail for photos Im in NYC local pick up or I can ship in the lower 48
  10. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Boland BVB07

    How does this monitor do at night with very low light? I use the Cinetronic gen 2 which is great in day light how ever working wide open at night in LOW light situations I need some help seeing anything but shapes. Can this monitor have a LUT loaded onto it?
  11. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Introducing the Bolt 1000 & 3000

    Yea I bought a bolt 2000 in June 2016. I asked if anything new was going to come out this year and was told no. I really wish there was something for us loyal customers that started with the original bolt pro and upgraded with in this company.
  12. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Device that allows you to Pan and tilt from dock

    The dock-n-roll info@abracam.eu
  13. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    Cinema Products intermediate plates

    XCS has something like that http://www.xcsinc.com/#
  14. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    A focus pulling system for the stead operator to handle by himself

    Analog Bartech with an analog motor if using a prime get the Bartech gimbal mount hard focus remote http://www.bartechengineering.com G-zoom for eng lenes http://www.erik-anderson.com/home/ There are a few things for sale on this forum if you want to buy used
  15. Philip J. Martinez SOC

    new Fikenka Sled bag and Vest bag & Decimator MD-DUCC

    Sent a PM about the sled bag