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  1. Brand new, never used, XCS Ergo handle 2. For right handed operators (meaning your right hand is on the handle). Reason of selling? I have 3 of them on my rigs, and this one is... well... one too many... I believe the price new is US$1650 or thereabouts, selling it for USD$1000. IMG_4235.HEIC IMG_4239.HEIC IMG_4237.HEIC
  2. Arnold, can you give me the measurement of the back portion of the harness from bottom to highest point? (preferably the size/height of the carbon fibre shell itself, not the foam). Thank's Francois
  3. Hey Arnold, I'd like to purchase your harness. But before I commit, could you give me the serial number of the harness so I can check with Walter Klassen if the measurements are compatible. He/they keep the records of every harness they make in their files. I also have an older WK harness, but I'd like to upgrade to a newer version. The thing I want to double check with WK is the angle of the hips, as this can be a problem if it's very different than my own hip angle... Anyway, if I can confirm that, I'd proceed with the purchase. Keep me posted, Francois Archambault, S.O.C.
  4. Hi all, here's a complete digital Scorpio wireless follow focus system for sale, 3D ready software/firmware, Motion Generator kit, external zoom/focus/iris control, 4 digital motors (motors are also compatible with other digital FF systems), all in great condition (the picture with the pelican case has the 4th motor hidden in another compartment in the foam, it's not visible, but it's there and part of the sold kit.). The MDR is equipped with the Cinetape Data connector for Cinetape users. The kit will be at Cramped Attic Technology with David Hable here in Vancouver (Authorized ServiceVision dealer) and it will be ready to go on May 26th. FYI, I purchased this kit new and I've never rented it to others. It's been part of my steadicam package and I'm the only one that actually used it, so it's been well taken care of! Make me a reasonable offer! Francois Archambault, SOC 832393290_ScorpioTest.mp4
  5. there's also David Hable from Cramped Attic Technologies that will most certainly be able modify a jumper block to your needs. I had one modded by him a few years ago, all 3 batt positions at 12v, and he puts a bladed heat sink in front of the j-block to help keep the temp down. David is fantastic for all kinds of steadicam mods! http://www.crampedattic.com
  6. When I first saw that "Cotton balls" comment, I was immediately insulted. I said to myself: What a schmuck!!! But after a couple of minutes, I realized that the "problem" behind that comment had really nothing to do with me, but everything to do with Mr Jarvis himself. The first comment made here by William Demeritt was not only spot on, but it actually pointed directly at the real issue at hand: Chase Jarvis's total ignorance of the art of film-making, period. I rarely make comments on this site, but William's words on this guy prompted me to write this because it reminded me of a story, so here goes: I was working on a show with a great and famous director. We had a good thing going on set, sharing ideas and opinions and making sure we always stayed true to the story and the actors style etc. It was not a big feature, it was a pilot for a series. I, like everyone else on the set, shared and voiced opinions directly to Him all the time. He very much encouraged it, and He always listened to what you had to say. Our days were long and our schedule brutal. We were averaging 18 hours per day. Time was precious, but still, He always took the time to hear you out. He would then say: "…hey! great idea! let's do that…" Or he'd say: "...no, can't do that because...…", always taking the time to explain why he couldn't go with your idea. Anyway, one day (actually it was a night shoot…), He was standing beside me at my dolly (He almost never ever sat down…), both of us an eye on what the DP was doing. So I decided to ask Him why, being this big-shot director, working on this tight crazy schedule that we had, He would always take the time to listen to his crew instead of simply calling for whatever he wanted and having them done. His reply was very much like William's comment. This Big shot director's answer was this: "… you're right, this is MY crew. And on MY 70-80 people crew, at every moment of each day, on every scene, every shot, every setup, one person on MY crew is bound to come up with a genius idea. I either listen and make the movie profit from it, or I lose that opportunity like a stupid fucking self-serving egotistical cunt…" ...sorry… his words... In my 26 years of earning a living as a camera/steadicam operator, I've seen all kinds of directors and cinematographers. And I feel I have enough experience to say that it is clear in my mind that, with this mindset, Chase Jarvis is "loosing" big time on every shot, every scene, every setup, on all of his shooting days, and probably on all of his living "off set" days too. Entire camera dept "cotton balls" between director and his vision… Mr Jarvis, I recommend you use words, put them together in well constructed and grammatically-correct sentence, then voice your demands clearly, and express yourself in an intelligent and practical fashion. It has been done before, you know, and by great and talented directors with vision galore, directors that gave us fantastic iconic films of all kinds and genres, with jaw dropping performances and deep super-charged stories. Get over yourself, Mr Jarvis, I may be wrong (but I doubt it...), but I believe it is quite clear to all of us in all the camera depts of our world, or any dept for that matter, that you sir,are not the very "thing" in the way of your own vision. By promoting this sort of "cotton ball" philosophy, you actually become part of the problem, encouraging the growth of everything bad that can negatively affect the process of good and proper film-making. A film crew is a hard working team. Make friends with them. Make them your accomplices. They can do wonders for you if you let them, if you trust them. A single lonely person is, and will always be… well… only just a single person… Gear is only gear. The Mimic is only a tool. Running in a park with available light and no sets, lights or rigs is ridiculously easy, no challenge there, no big achievement there. I'll put you on a stabilized 3 axis head with a set of wheels, alone, and see how you fare. Tools don't take "cotton balls" away from any film-making equation. That would be like saying that if you get a 2500$ set of golf clubs you'll play better. You say: "I understand the tradition…" tradition?!?!? well, I don't think you do sir. Film-making is not a tradition, it is a craft, a technique, at every levels of every depts. Ok. Enough said. Sorry for the rant…. but it was quite therapeutical. I feel better now…
  7. Hi all, Full Hot Gears system for sale for Arri heads. This is part my personal kit, and it's in fantastic condition. Not many hours on the unit, and used only by me. $20,000. OBO Will deal with serious offers/buyers only. Scammers beware. Go see the Gallery link: http://gallery.me.com/merlinfilm#100008&view=grid&bgcolor=black&sel=15 Here's the list of what's included. 1 x hard shell custom case 1 x Hot Gears controler 1 x 13" LCD monitor (AC or DC powered from controller) 1 x 2in-4outs video DA (AC or DC powered from controller) 1 x Pelican case 1620. 1 x 50' umbilical cable with 2 BNC 1 x 100' umbilical cable with 2 BNC 1 x pelican case 1600 for cables 1 x Hot gears pan motor for Arri 1 x Hot gears tilt motor for Arri 1 x Hot Gears junction box for Arri 1 x Soft shell case for motors and j-box and cables. (will include a hard shell case for shipping.) 1 x Pan/Tilt digital readout (Plugs right in the HG controller) 1 x Record/replay memory box unit (plugs right in the HG controller Set of Battery power cables for Arri Batts (both sets of 12v and 24v) Set of Battery power cables for use with Panavision Batts. Set of Battery power cables for use with Clairmont Batts. Set of Camera power and run/start cables for all Arri 12v and 24v, Pana -old and new Lemo sizes- 3 x HG motor power cables 2 custom made counter weights with rosette clamps for Arri heads. Brand new set of see-throught bags for cable kits. 1 x power bar installed inside the controller case for back-up or clip lights, accessories etc. Cheers! Francois Archambault, S.O.C. merlinfilm@mac.com
  8. Brand new arm built by famous Robert Luna. It was purchased last december, and has never been used on an actual gig. It's the new arm that Robert makes, with springs ranging from 15lbs to 70lbs. US$8500.00 Thank's Francois. merlinfilm@mac.com PS: If you're wondering why I'm selling it, it's because I took too much time before taking a decision, and I busted way beyond my 30 days trial time... Can't return it anymore... It was stupid of me to do this in december... Never "drink and try" during the holidays, I say. It makes one loose track of time...
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