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  1. XCS gimbal in great shape, smooth as buttah. Hasn't been used a lot, mainly keeping it as a backup. Purchased it new from Greg, never abused it. Got a couple small cosmetic scratches but besides that, it's in perfect shape. Gimbal can be used on either a 1.5" post or a 2" post by simply swapping the sleeve. Comes with 2 hand tools. Buyer pays all shipping charges. Asking US$3800.00 Francois.
  2. Mint condition WK SingleShot complete kit with the 3 elastic latex strength (light, Medium, Heavy), 1 x SingleShot standard adaptor for Klassen Harness, also 1 x optional Side adaptor, 1 x soft shell bag. Used only few times. Price buying a new unit is US$2790. --Asking US$2200 OBO, buyer pays all shipping costs.
  3. 2 GPI-PRO black canisters in perfect working order. A+ condition. New units are around $3300/each, --asking $4200 for both with the case. Buyer pays shipping. Cheers! Francois
  4. Selling 4 GPI-PRO canister kit for either Titan or Atlas arm. 2 Black canisters and 2 Blue canisters. Great condition! Ready to go! Price new is somewhere between $12,000 and $13,000 for the 4 of them--- ASKING: US$8000 OBO
  5. Finally, after a couple extra weeks of spring cleaning, I've put together a solid kit for sale. I tried to edit my original topic from 2 weeks ago, but I don't think it's possible, so here's a new topic. All in great shape, the kit is ready to go. The Battery Rack Gen 4 has a jumper block that has been modified so that all 3 batteries work together to feed 12v at 3 times the Amp/H. Price new: US$43,000. Asking US$32,000 OBO. Here are the components: -Betz-Tools top stage -Cine-live upper electronics -GPI-PRO telescopic centerpost 2 with HD cable -XCS-INC Gimbal with Ergo Handle 2 (regular XCS padded handle also included) -Boland 7" High Brightness monitor with Cam-Jam yoke and MK-V bracket -Cine-Live Lower electronics with 3 x 12v modified jumper block. (2nd original jumper block also included) -GPI-PRO Atlas Arm with 2 gray canisters and 2 armposts with clamps (one 6" and one 10") Padded bag included. -1 XCS dovetail plate, 1 Alexa Plate, 1 short Betz-Tools dovetail and 1 Arri sliding dovetail adaptor plate -1 Low mode D-Bracket -1 Jerry Hill Mag Dock 2 -1 Jerry Hill Gorelock 2 -3 x Jerry Hill docking clamps, fits Gorelock 2 and Mag Lock 2 -1 Robbie Carlson monitor rain cover -1 Robbie Carlson Arm rain cover -1 Robbie Carlson Cine-Live / Batteries rain cover -1 Arri Mini-mini LF Camera power cable -1 Sony Venice Camera power cable -1 American steadicam stand - Can include a Pelican case for shipping if needed. Asking: US$32,000 OBO
  6. Hi all, here's a GPI-PRO Cinelive sled for sale in great shape. I bought all the components new and I used it with great care. I never rented the rig out, it was always used by me. Here are the list of components from top to bottom, and if you need something you're not seeing here, let me know I may have it in my shop. I can throw in a pelican case if you want one, but I figured that with the price of shipping going up so much, the price of a new case is probably the same as shipping it..... Asking US$ 24,000 OBO. Thank you! - Betz-Tools top stage, with dovetail plate. - Cine-live upper electronics box - GPI-Pro 2 telescopic centerpost - GPI-Pro Gimbal with VZ handgrip and XCS Ergo handle - Boland 7” BVB07 High brightness monitor - Cam-Jam / MK-V telescopic monitor bracket - Cine-live lower electronics box - GPI-Pro battery rack lite (3 A/B plates) - Misc. Plates, cables and tools, Mag Dock 2, GAD2. US$24,000 OBO
  7. XCS Ergo handle for sale. This a right hand handle, meaning that your right hand on that handle, and the sled is hanging on your left. Will work on either a Pro or XCS gimbal. Very good shape, the bearings are very smooth. Had it as a BU option in my kit. US$750 OBO More stuff to come! Francois
  8. Hi all! It's the end of spring and I've been doing a bit of cleaning in my garage! I have an EFP blue spring arm for sale. It's in great shape and ready to fly. I've had this as a BU and also used it a few times with my special lightweight rig. I could have painted the spring covers, but looks better with a bit of patina... US$3000 OBO. More stuff to come! Cheers! Francois.
  9. Hey Joseph, would you be interested in an XCS ergo handle? It was on one of my Pro gimbals, works perfectly. Unless you're looking for a long handle so that you can do a Volt conversion? Anway, JIC, see attached pics.
  10. Gentlemen, I have an EFP blue springs arm available if any of you guys are interested. Arm in good shape and fully functional. I'm cleaning my garage, I have sooooo much shit.... Was checked and tuned 4-5 years ago and used it only a handful of times since. I had it for my extra lightweight running rig I have. Keep me posted! Francois
  11. Hi Amadeu, just wanted to see if you were still looking for a GPI-PRO Cinelive sled? I may have one for sale very soon. Keep me posted Francois
  12. Brand new, never used, XCS Ergo handle 2. For right handed operators (meaning your right hand is on the handle). Reason of selling? I have 3 of them on my rigs, and this one is... well... one too many... I believe the price new is US$1650 or thereabouts, selling it for USD$1000. IMG_4235.HEIC IMG_4239.HEIC IMG_4237.HEIC
  13. Arnold, can you give me the measurement of the back portion of the harness from bottom to highest point? (preferably the size/height of the carbon fibre shell itself, not the foam). Thank's Francois
  14. Hey Arnold, I'd like to purchase your harness. But before I commit, could you give me the serial number of the harness so I can check with Walter Klassen if the measurements are compatible. He/they keep the records of every harness they make in their files. I also have an older WK harness, but I'd like to upgrade to a newer version. The thing I want to double check with WK is the angle of the hips, as this can be a problem if it's very different than my own hip angle... Anyway, if I can confirm that, I'd proceed with the purchase. Keep me posted, Francois Archambault, S.O.C.
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