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  1. I've heard very good things about Greg's class. I'd send you to our workshops site but we're sold out through CineGear 2018. Robert www.stabilizerworkshops.com
  2. What I've done in the past Alfeo is use a pair of super super skinny straight needle nose pliers to pry and stretch clear shrink wrap enough to slide it over the connector. There's a limit to connector size of course but that stuff will stretch quite a bit. Maybe not ARRI power stretch but easy for common Lemos. Once you heat it it goes back to normal shrunken size. Robert
  3. Chris is 100% correct. The pain and swelling in your knee is your body saying it's a no go.
  4. I must have missed it! :unsure: As always Andrew thanks for your support of The Stabilizer Workshops! It's always great to have you on set with us and of course you know our students love having real cameras, real accessories, actors, scripts and sets and Teradek is a big part of that experience! Thanks! Robert
  5. I don't have migraines but I do have a lot of allergies and see an allergist in LA. She's always asking me if I have migraines and I don't but she insists they are related to allergic reactions. That's all I know but maybe there's some new allergen in your world. Robert
  6. Hit me up Thomas. I have two with the case that have only been used once or twice at most. robert @ westcoaststeadicam
  7. Thank you Janice! I'm not sure if this topic is meant to be exclusive to Long Term Care insurance but here's something else everyone covered by WP Dolle under the group Steadicam policy should know: If you are renting your gear out to others and are not on the job yourself, your equipment is NOT COVERED under Dolle's Steadicam group policy and Dolle does not have a policy to offer that does. After many years and increasing rentals but no claims I had to go elsewhere for my equipment coverage. That policy is a great policy but you need to know the limitations. I can't speak high enough about the great service we had over the years from Tanya at WP Dolle and thankfully we never had a claim. Now, if you're running a good operation and you are always getting a proper COI from your rentors, that's fine as long as you always confirm their policy is active and in force. However, if their insurance declined for some reason you'd be SOL without your own coverage. Robert
  8. It's interesting how we all rally to support our brothers, sisters and the Union (and we should) but for the most part our Union sells us down the river with few exceptions. When do they take a stand for us? I mean a real stand? Do they really support 12 on / 12 off? Do they really support better wages or did the Tier program just give them an opportunity to get a slice of the low hanging fruit? Instead of creating more opportunity for our members to get health care they let it become more difficult to obtain and maintain for the rank and file member. The feedback I've seen online recently makes it sound like the service and services on the plan are not exactly working well for those members. I'm off topic and perhaps off base. Someone please tell me what the union has done and done well for us lately... Now that is off my chest, have a great day! Robert
  9. It is a very minimal amount of sanding on the pin, just take your time.
  10. Set of Six Ultra Prime Lenses 16mm, 24, 32, 50, 85, 135mm These were purchased from Ablecine 23 months ago and I still have all the original boxes and packaging for them. They are in absolutely mint condition. I have individual images as well but I can tell you that they are pristine from every angle. $68,000 USD includes a complete inspection and evaluation by Ablecine. We are selling these as it seems in the Las Vegas market clients want our zooms mostly for run-n-gun type jobs. ** SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY - NO TRADES - SELLING COMPLETE SET ONLY ** If you’d like to move on to the next step in this I can send you all the other photos and of course you are welcome to inspect them. Includes custom case $68,000 USD Thanks for your consideration!
  11. Agreed it's a wonky sort of stand set up but it's what I've been using a long time. At one point Inovative had looked at making some very lightweight 8" wheels but I'm not sure where that went. Earlier this week I stopped in at Matthews looking for a stand more suitable for my Ronin setup. They have a "Runway base" that has low flat legs with smaller wheels. Two of the legs are longer and one is shorter so you can roll it through a door without the wig-wag pattern. I'm not sure how much of a PIA is would be too but it's an option I suppose. Robert
  12. You can't go wrong with Dionic HCs. Dated product??? It's a battery. Snap it on it supplies power, drop it and it won't break unless you really smash it, charge it and use it again. If something goes wrong with it, Anton Bauer has some of the best customer service in the business. The new batteries are fine, they just have a different styling and a voltage readout plus a few other internal functions. They do claim a longer lifetime of charge cycles which is good but the HCs are not short by any means. This is not rocket science and they will last for many years.
  13. $2600 is not too bad of a price if it provides a unique advantage or benefit. Roughly two days kit rental to pay for it as I doubt it's something we can charge extra for.
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