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  1. Call Jim Bartell or email him. As stated above his service is 2nd to none. PLC electronics was helpful when i had user error with my digital bartech. I haven't purchased from them but I know they are based in Canada so that could increase cost, maybe??
  2. I too have this problem, with tally light on with multiple power cables.
  3. The patent is interesting since it is defined as: The patent laws usually require that, for an invention to be patentable, it must be: Patentable subject matter, i.e., a kind of subject-matter eligible for patent protection. Novel (i.e. at least some aspect of it must be new) Non-obvious (in United States patent law) or involve an inventive step (in European patent law) How is a steadicam plate Non-obvious? Maybe because they have incorporated it into the studio bridge plate??
  4. Brad, What is going on with your Jumper Block? Heat Sink? thanks Brandon
  5. ah, yes that would be the logical thing to do. but I am on a show that is against all logic. I assumed there are no real issues rolling the camera on a stand with pneumatic wheels. The back focus issue in the past season probably wasn't a result of rolling the carts, but the carts had to take the blame.
  6. I am currently on a show shooting on the Sony F55. We were told that last season there was a back focus issue thought to be the result of vibrations transfered to the cameras when they are moved on the rolling stands. So now we have to wear the rig when moving from sound stage to sound stage or worse the 300yds to the back lot. Theses are the typical Steadicam stands with the 8" pneumatic wheels. Has anyone experienced a problem with the F55 and back focus or with any camera and transport on the stand?? Thx Brandon
  7. Hi, Looking to buy a HU2 and MDR2. I do not need motors. I might need a few power cables. Thanks, Brandon
  8. kyle, I am going to assume that you still have the base that has one screw that tightens the battery hanger. Call Steadicam and insist that they upgrade you to the the gen 2 base that has 2 screws. That is what I did when I had my gen 1 Flyer. I never had any problems once they upgraded the battery hanger. In my opinion it was a design flaw, bc they changed the design shortly after.
  9. Lawrence, I have been shooting with the epic on an indie these past 2 weeks and I am using the camwave. I haven't had any issues with the camwave or signal. I am flying the tx down low and loop out of my cinetronic to the camwave. Hope this helps. Brandon
  10. I believe I got mine from Delta Components in Alabama. http://www.deltacomponentsusa.com/ Check with them.
  11. Brain and Mark have both made great suggestions, but I just wanted to add another option for splitting power on the Flyer or Flyer LE models. Lemo makes a splitter which consist of a male plug one one side and 2 female ports on the other. If my memory serves me correctly the part number for the flyer is: FTG.0B.302.PLFG and for the Flyer LE: FTG.0B.303.PLFG. I have flown the F3 on my Flyer and I use my redrock micro baseplate which allows me to have 15mm rods for the motor and the BFD and downconverter (which i mount behind the camera for balancing). If you have to run sound to the camera I have mounted the Dual channel Lectro to the hot shoe which also helps with balance.
  12. It is all about preference. I have a flyer arm that you can not change the tension, but on full size arms you can and it all depends on what feels right for you.
  13. I think i remember having a problem like this and if i recall it was a power issue. where you getting power to the top stage? i remember a solder connection breaking under the AB plate. just a thought
  14. Blair, I am also a flyer owner. You have done well buying the BFD, a great investment that will stay with you when you do move up to a big rig. I got a redbyte decimator for my down converter. It is almost weightless, so i would buy that next if you are thinking about trying to take red jobs. You will be able to fly the Red, but stripped down of course. I like using the IDX HD wireless transmitter for video, and fly that on the bottom, and then just run a cable down the post. This allows you to balance easier. I would aslo say if you can buy the HD transmitter it is a good investment, but sometimes you can get production to get it thrown in with their package. Good Luck, Brandon
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