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  1. It’s kind a wired comparison, but I am also the one who is sometimes using this picturesque example with the cars (or guitars) when it comes to explaining the differences between things, to someone who isn’t from the industry. :) Rolls Royce is all about the back seats. It’s about the driven person in the back seats, not about the driver. :) Anyway, After 20+ years of operating and owning 4 rigs, I still believe it is about the “driver” not about the “car”. It’s about the player, not the instrument. ;) I am just used to my Sachtler Artemis Cine or EFP or Arri Trinity. I never operated no one else's steadicam. This doesn’t mean that my steadi is better then someone else's. I feel more comfortable and confident with my rig, and I believe I am achieving better results this way. Cheers
  2. ...as always, Jim Bartell helped, and good old Bartech is like new!!! Thanks Jim :))))
  3. I dont know if any one can help me with this (even maybe on email). One of mine, good old, always working, neveranyissue Bartech's transmiter, after many years of good service got losen focus ring. The transmiter still works normaly, there is nothing wrong with it, but, the focus ring is shaky!! Since I live in Dubai now, is a litlle bit tricky and costy to ship it for repair at Jim's? (maybe there is somone in UAE who can check this???) Is there any chance to tight somehow that focus ring by myself, becuse, you know how this focus pullers are,.. always complaining about somthing :) kind regards, and thx : Igor :) www.steadicam.tk igor@steadicam.tk
  4. Hi Odei I have a complete Sachtler Artemis EFP rig, in excellent condition for sale. I mainly used it for backup rig, since I have also an Artemis Cine HD. price is 9000€ (11700$) + shipping. You can download the complete rig list here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14323654/Artemis_EFP_for%20sell.pdf Plese be free to contact me if you have some further questions. Regards, igor
  5. Just a few shots that I put together!! All shot during the final live show's of "Croatia's Got Talent", (1st seasone, '09) or how we call it here, Supertalent!! :-) http://vimeo.com/10427726 regrdas, Igor :-)
  6. Try to look at this picture. Maybe it will help!? http://www.steadicenter.com/details.php?im...amp;mode=search http://www.steadicenter.com/details.php?im...amp;mode=search :-)
  7. http://www.artemis-hd.com/ Try to contact directly Curt O. Schaller, the designer of the whole Artemis series. I'm sure he can help you the most! Regarding the Artemis rigs, I have two, Cine and EFP! And all I can say, regarding me, the best rig in the market. I first bought Cine, and I was so stisfied with it's relibility and built quality, when the bussines spread a litlle bit, a couple of years later I bought a Artemis EFP. So I don't agree with Luis, but I respct his opinion regarding steadicam. To me Artemis is much better bulit then Steadicam. I was shooting in Thailand a cuople of weeks ago, a TV show, on open air, humidity 100%. There was also a guy with Flyer. My EFP was working buitifly, his steadicam monitor simply died. I worked many times with Master film, I even wanted to buy Vector, but when I tried Artemis I simply knew, this is the rig for me. I never felt so comfortable with a rig before, especialy now when I have a brend new ACT 2 vest. Don't get me wrong, but I have a lot o job with my rigs, and I invested very much in my equipment, and very often I don't even look for the cost of it I just have to buy it if I want that my bussines is done properly, and I never ever had any problems with the rig or with the Artmis service! But I must say the new G70 arm from steadicam is realy great. It is not that new ACT 2, from artemis is not good, to be honest is probably the best "old school" arm in the market, and honsetly, I don't see any difference beetwean ACT2 and PRO arm??? And it looks very sexy in carbon fiber covers! :-) But the G70 is the first steadicam arm that I can work with, and work great! Normal Iso-Elastic arm it wasnt just for me! I could never get used at this iso elasticity, but with G70, where you can "control" the amount of Iso_elasticity, it really mkes it a great arm! So, it's not that I don't like everything from steadicam, it's just a metter of opinion, and to me Artemis is better rig :-)
  8. I finally worked with REDcam, no problems at all!! I found it very easy to balance, and actully very lite, but I didn't use the RED sholder pad at all. I made 11cm long, 19mm rods, so I put everyting from the Camera top. Camera asisstent didn't turnd the Chroiszeil MattBox, so we could not use the flags on it, but I put some Black Wrap on top and tape it, if necessery, and this works well! :-) I also got me the GoldMount to V-Mount adapter so I use original REDcam batteries on my Artmis cine! :-) Anyway here are the pictures, I hope it helps :-) http://picasaweb.google.com/stoneddog90/REDcam
  9. Hi Erwin Is that the "AJA HD10MD3 HDTV HD to SDI Down Converter" on the dummy side?? I plan to buy this downconverter, and to use it with RED ONE. How it behaves, is there to much delay on the monitor, and how is the picture in general. I plan to use it with my Transvideo Cine III monitor, I found it more convinient then to buy an HD monitor but I'm still not sure... I worked only once, a long time ago, with Miranda on CineAlta, so actully I dont remeber how was the picture!? I only remeber thet the picture was "jumpy" !? Anyway, any suggestion, any toughts, anything... :-) Igor :-)
  10. No, you are not missing anything! You can't fly V16 goofy style! :-)
  11. Is there some kind of down converters, for RED, so it can be seened on SD monitor. My biggest producer bought few RED's, but on my steadis I have Transvideo Cine III monitors, and swithcing to HD monitor is really not convinient! :-)
  12. Why not just flip upside down? its digital. Why bother top mounting when its a key stroke in post. I am supprised that it cant be done on camera like Varicam, a simple image flip menu item. a great idea, but you might scrape the ground with the top of that thing! Seriously, how much did it weigh? I know one of the guys at Dalsa and the next gen of that camera might be pretty cool. I can never seem to convince people to let me shoot upside down. I guess they'd rather see vibration from the wonky low mode plates (the f-900 from panavision is a joke) than a fairly solid image. rb I Used a lot of upside down shooting, but I first explaind the director that this is much better and much stable then low mode cage, and much faster to switch from Hi mode to Low mode, without Low mode bracket! http://www.igorsavatovic.orka.hr/a2/photo_...es/_6101751.htm
  13. I usuly use it like this. It works great but, of course heavy pans are not possible. http://www.steadicenter.com/details.php?im...amp;mode=search this shot is done with Glidecam, but I use it like this with Artemis also!!
  14. IgorSavatovic


    And this same battery, when its attached to the camera diractly, is working OK!??? If you are using cinealta (900), it has a 45W and is sucking 3, 4 Amps, and this is a lot!! I usully work on live TV shows, and we are using camera with digital link attached, and this beast is sucking 6 Amps!! To tell you the truth, since I have only AB Proformers, I never attached the camera on the rig's power, it will work only for few minutes!! Instead of that I use Sony BPL-95 Li-Ion batteries attached to the camera directly. This is the best solution for this big power consumption cameras! This batteries are very lite, and they last abot hour, hour and 15 minutes, and the batteries on the sled are powering the monitor and FF motors, for ever!!! I was doing a film a few weeks ago, with Sony D50 and DVcam recorder attached, viefinder on, with PS technik 35Pro lens converter, FF system, and everything had more than 35W, and my proformers, that are not in very good shape, where working confortable more than 30min. with this configuration! And I'm satisfied with that!! To tell you the truth, I never experinced any power problem with Artemis!! I only experinced bad battery problem! :-) regards, igor
  15. IgorSavatovic


    Hi Guys, I have a Artemis Cine, and all I can say is that I'm more than satisfied with the rig and with the service I recived from Sachtler, and especially Curt! He always answerd to every email, and every quastion I sent him! The only problem I had with the rig is that they forgot to put in the packeage the Camera Plate screws, and they send it the next day, free of shipng charge of course!! Regarding the voltage drop, this is normal on every rig! You cant expect to have the same runing time with the same batterie attached to the Camera directly, and powering the camera from the rig!! Anyway Alf, what is the runing time of your camera with the batterie attached to it directly, and when the camera (and only camera, without the motors) is powerd with the SAME batterie from the sled? regarads, igor
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