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  1. Hi Rick, been trying to email but keeps bouncing back. Please flick me an email martin@adrenochrome.co.nz Cheers
  2. Arm is sold. Sled still available $5500 Cheers martin@adrenochrome.co.nz
  3. Cinema Products EFP Sled with upgraded 2x battery base and HD video line for sale. This kit had been in storage for almost 20 years when I bought it from it's previous owner and did the upgrades. It would make an excellent starter rig for someone wanting to move to a larger rig and was often considered the best rig that Cinema Products ever produced. The sled has a XCS dual monitor bracket and fully adjustable and removable battery mounts enabling the mounting of other accessories to the base via standard 60mm spaced 15mm rods or quick release wedge plates. Included is a Master Series docking bracket. All of the upgrades are modular and fully reversible and the original EFP battery cage will be included. The 3A arm has blue springs and is in excellent condition. All comes in a Pelican 1650 road case. $8500. martin@adrenochrome.co.nz
  4. Often wondered who had the others. Love my camo arm. Jack also did at least one in desert camo which he had loaned to the MK-V stand on the weekend of the 2013 Cinegear when he revealed them.
  5. Damn, if only I could make it I would have thrown this into the mix. Have fun guys.
  6. Hi Edmundo, I may be wrong but it also looked like you have auto stabilisation turned on in the camera which is trying to fight the camera movement. If that is the case make sure it is turned off as it becomes counterintuitive to what you are trying to achieve.
  7. Hi Thomas, You need to become a sustaining member for a small one off fee to be able to post in the marketplace. This helps with the costs of the forum. Cheers
  8. I have two of these in excellent condition. $750 each including free shipping or both for $1450 martin@adrenochrome.co.nz Cheers
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