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  1. Looking for some PRO monitor arm extension pieces. Sadly they don’t make them anymore… thanks! AJ. ajcam@me.com
  2. I can include a Spektrum Satellite receiver too for spektrum compatible systems.
  3. PLC Veracity Remote Wheels - 3 Axis - with Slice The Veracity Control Wheel System is a fully stand-alone wheels solution for RC camera applications. The system connects wirelessly to the head, Movi, DJI Ronin, ARRI SRH-3, Maxima and Trinity etc.. with no added latency. Veracity is designed to be powered by any common on-set DC power source and has intuitive gear ratio and direction controls. Custom CNC machined handwheels mounted on precision shafts with ultra high resolution encoders provide for smooth operation and perfect balance. All this is packaged in a sealed rugged aluminium housings with flexible mounting options. These wheels I have mounted on black a plywood board with 3/8 holes in bottom ready to be attached to a stand or whatever you like. Complete with: - 3 Axis wheels mounted on black plywood board. Gold Mount / Anton Bauer battery mount with power switch. Slice transmitter (Spektrum) installed. - USB regulated power output unit. - Spektrum DX trainer cable. - PLC programming / calibration cable - USB - Spare Orange Transmitter module. (note: 2pin Lemo power input is pin 1 +ve, pin 2 GND!) PLC Veracity Manual and programming instructions included. USD $4800 ono. + shipping. email: ajcam@me.com Ph: +61 414620249 Andrew 'AJ' Johnson Veracity_Operation_Manual_Wireless.pdf
  4. 2x GPI PRO Black Springs for sale. Perfect working order, not used much since being serviced and cleaned by PRO a couple of years ago. USD $2500 ea. +shipping. ($3300 new) Andrew Johnson, Email / iMessage: ajcam@me.com
  5. Hi, Im looking for any old Heden or similar Analog motors! thanks, AJ
  6. Hi all... Does anyone know of a shorter version of the M1 tiffen gimbal handle? (or if it would even be possible?) Ive found that in tight situations, the handle can be too long. I used to love my shorter MKV handle on the 2" Gimbal for this reason! regards,, AJ
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