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  1. 2000ft+ HD-SDI LINK-MI Transmitter Kit Selling this HD video transmitter system which uses a similar chipset to the Paralinx Tomahawk / Teradek Bolt 2000. Basically its the same if not better than a Teradek BOLT 2000, using the same chipset. 1x Transmitter 1x Receiver Here's the details: LINK-MI LM-PRO300 800m/2000ft Wireless HD Video Link System Introduction: 5GHz ISM Band Wireless HD Video Transmission Supports multiple channel switching and broadcast mode for 1 transmitter to multiple receivers Supports up to 1080p/60Hz resolution, HDMI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI 4:2:2, 10bits color depth Uncompressed picture quality with very low latency <1ms Effective Range: 800m/2000ft ( line of sight ) HDMI 1.3 with EDID support Plug & Play - fully hardware design, no software is required AES128/256 Encryption Ive had fantastic results with this system which I still use today, even when a Teradek BOLT 2000 running along-side has failed at long range. (Works great with a Paralinx array directional antenna on the receiver to boost range even further) Comes with a case (pelican copy) Selling for US$2300 + shipping email: ajcam@me.com Photos to come...
  2. MK-V Nexus Dovetail base plate and dovetails. Base and 2x Dovetails for accessories. Make an offer! ajcam@icloud.com .AJ
  3. Preston MDR > Steadicam bracket make an offer! ajcam@icloud.com .AJ
  4. MK-V base system - 15mm rods, with solid 15mm rods and 7x clamps. Make an offer! Shipping is from Australia. email me ajcam@icloud.com .AJ
  5. 6" Transvideo Monitor Bracket - Universal multirods bracket (Transvideo part no: CinemonitorHD6 - 918TS0297) For CinemonitorHD 6’’, 19mm rods, this bracket keeps your rig in balance even when monitor angle is adjusted. Hardly used... New this is $650 selling for USD$300 + Shipping from Australia. email: ajcam@icloud.com .AJ
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