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  1. Still for sale?

    1. Daniel de Santi

      Daniel de Santi

      Sorry Andrew send this message by mistake!

  2. Anton/Bauer Performance Series Quad Charger Gold Mount Selling one of these chargers: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1045009-REG/anton_bauer_perfomance_quad_dual_simultaneous_4_position.html Works perfectly.. used as a spare... US$900 + shipping regards, Andrew Johnson ajcam@me.com
  3. Jerry Hill Low mode cheese plate... make an offer! .AJ ajcam@me.com
  4. MK-V parts for sale: 3x MK-V Main Bar Clamp's @ $125 ea 1x 15mm rod system - Genesis Battery bar. 8x 15mm Genesis bar clamps Genesis battery bracket (for 4x 15mm) Make an offer! contact me! ajcam@me.com regards, AJ
  5. HELLO Sir

    What’s the price of the Tiffen M1 Gimbal  1.5” post adaptor parts?



    1. Andrew 'AJ' Johnson

      Andrew 'AJ' Johnson

      Hi Zhou,

      $200 + shipping

      let me know if your interested.,..  where are you based?


    2. zhouzhenggang


      Thank you Sir 

      I'm based in Beijing CHINA .and i think the price is too expensive.so i don't want to buy it.



    3. Andrew 'AJ' Johnson

      Andrew 'AJ' Johnson

      ok no problems..!

  6. 2x 1.5" Gorelock 2 Large Docking Rings for sale.. (EFP, 3, 3-A, PRO (post), Glidecam, Chrosziel, Sachtler, Artmis, ETC.) US $45 ea Andrew J ajcam@me.com
  7. Tiffen M1 Gimbal 1.5” post adaptor parts: These are the two parts needed to adapt a Tiffen M1 Gimbal to a 1.5" post (PRO size). Tiffen parts no's: 815-7102 - INNER RACE, TUBE, GIMBAL - for 1.5” post. 817-7635 - lower brake - for 1.5” post. Make an offer! AJ ajcam@me.com
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