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  1. Hi Guys.! wanna build a handheld directors monitor based on either the odessey 7Q or the videodevice E7 tried the samueai blade, but that was a huge disapointment due to the poor quality of touch screen. So Im wondering, what are your experiences..? Odessey or Videodevice..? Just want something solid with easy playback and good support..? all the best flemming laybourn
  2. Hi you all..! Im going of on a commercial shoot to Cuba next month, and although I have been there before years ago, I have no knowledge what to expect when I return in a working capacity... - support... any rental houses..? - restrictions? videolinks, wireless focus..? Would really appreciate any relevant input you might have in regards to this country..! feel free to PM me and thanx in advance..!
  3. thanx for the link...! but I want to use the existing plugs on the V4 ( there are quite a lot..;-) anyone..?
  4. HI Just wanted to check if any fellow MK-V users have any experience with running a tally through the post. Meaning using an existing plug ( im thinking the video/power ) as way to send a tally signal. Im using the Sachtler external Tally system All input ( and pictures if you have them..! ) would be highly appriciated. all the best Flemming Laybourn / Denmark
  5. Boxx is king..! and Scott and his team is second to none.. Have used their systems since they started and never had any problems. Like mentioned earlier, videovillage is always quiet..:-)
  6. Hands down there is no monitor out there that is even close to Transvideo on all parameters. Had mine for years, and like my Preston Focus, its the best pieces of equipment I have ever purchased...period. looking forward to test the new one..!
  7. 2 shots I did a while back. Epic / 40 fps
  8. Life is short. Buy a tiffen or Pro arm and worry about something else. :-) flemming laybourn
  9. im sorry mr Eric Fletcher, but whats with the attitude...? This,mto me, is a classic example of what is wrong with this forum: someone writes a post about something..new equipment, whatever..... and bum..! the negative comments start popping up. often based on nothing more than rumours and hear say.. Mr Fletcher, We dont know each other, Im a operator from europe. Not so active on the forum, but I try to read up on as many threads ( or is it spelled "threats"..? ) as i can, in order to stay in tune with whats going on in our industry.. Which means that I cant help to notice that you are a very active participant in here. but from where im standing, you dont really come off to me as a guy with a very positive vibe..? Im not questioning that you are probably a skilled and experienced operator, with a huge knowledge of our common trade. But as our famous scandinavian fiction caracter "Pippi Longstockings" once said: - "if you are very strong, you have to be very nice" For a while now there has been an ongoing debate in here about bullying, and bad attitude.. no one ever mentions any names, which might be because this is primarily an internal american issue, and people are afraid to get in bad standing.? but this thread to me is a good example of where it often starts. best regards Flemming Laybourn / Denmark
  10. The Omega is heavy, and puts a lot of strain on your rig, Image how you feel everytime you put your "nomal" rig in horizontal mode to check your droptime, ect... I for one always worried a little if something might break, twist or fall of... ;-) the whole Idea of the Omega is that a lot of the time you will have your rig in odd angles, and put a lot of strain on your post, gimbal and all attachments.. Further more, you will often have you post extended in both ends, in order to use the Omega to its full extend, putting even more strain on your system. Im not saying that you must use the MK-V 2" 4 tube post, but you need something very rigid, that will manage the strain. :-) flemming laybourn
  11. Like benjamin mention, the final omega while have everything build in at the top, however a few things to consider - if you have/want the motorized monitor mount you still need a rig that will be able to send a signal back through the post from the top. - you need a rigid post, dont know the xcs post, but Im guessing that benjamin wouldnt use it if it wasnt good..;-) Personally I feel that you need the MK-V gimbal with the long handle to get the best use of the AR, this is basically due to the mass of the rings when in low mode ( it gets quite close to your hips ). i also have the ( fantastic ) XCS gimbal, but only use this for "normal" stadicam work.. all the best flemming laybourn omega owner/operator
  12. @ Charles: thats one of the challenges of working with the AR.. even if the camera is leveled of like a normal rig, as soon as you start putting the rig "off level" and the camera starts to move inside the rig, new forces appear. If the cameras mass is not centered inside the ring, the camera will get buttom or front heavy depending on where the mass is placed inside the ring, when you fx try to tilt with the rig at a horizonal position.. So any hommade system should include the possibility to lift and lower the camera inside the ring... ( reading back my mail to myself, im not really sure if it makes sense..? ) flemming
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