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  1. Dennisnoyes@gmail.com Price 26k +13238755814 Facebook link. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2247691628?ref=bookmarks
  2. i have one in Los Angeles, works great. Please make me an offer.:) Dennis Noyes 323-875-5814 Dennisnoyes@gmail.com
  3. Hi Pascal, I'm on a movie in mexico but my pro rig is with a friend in Los Angeles in case i could rent it: Jess hass: (512) 796-9318 Call him if you want to rent the rig or send me a Text message to 323-875-5814, or email dennisnoyes@gmail.com It's a pro HD with playes and Cinetronic monitor 6 canisters 2 black 4 blue Hars mount Pro vest Good luck in all
  4. Looking for a second hand klassen suspender
  5. Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know if you ever need a Pro Super Post HD or SD i have one a rent out. Day rental is 200usd. Cheers and Happy holidays.
  6. Call 323 875-5814 Dennis Noyes
  7. http://www.cinematicprecision.com/steadicam-operator-accessories- I recommend this plate,
  8. Steven Pines 3108293100 Awesome guy understands our business well.
  9. Cinematicprecision.com Call sal golzalez he is awesome and you can pick a variety of colors.
  10. Bump, 2000 USD with pelican case now included. Just checked by switronic in NYC. Great transmitter, selling to buy iris motor. And single channel handset.
  11. I'm selling mine too, so I'f luke's sells and anyone needs another let me know.:) same proce 2000
  12. I have a one riser, with 8 inch wheels. From modern. Call me if you want pics or interested. 323-875-5814
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