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  1. Hi Everyone, wanted to show this prototype rigshaw I have been working on and I’m close to sending to production in 4 months via kickstarter. I’m sending you these pictures and video because if you are interesting in providing what you think is important on a rickshaw or how I could make it better I would love to get an email from you after the zoom call or answer any questions during the session. Dennis Noyes is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: 50/50 Rickshaw Prototype Zoom Meeting Time: Jun 11, 2021 11:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Join Zo
  2. Dennisnoyes@gmail.com Price 26k +13238755814 Facebook link. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2247691628?ref=bookmarks
  3. i have one in Los Angeles, works great. Please make me an offer.:) Dennis Noyes 323-875-5814 Dennisnoyes@gmail.com
  4. Hi Pascal, I'm on a movie in mexico but my pro rig is with a friend in Los Angeles in case i could rent it: Jess hass: (512) 796-9318 Call him if you want to rent the rig or send me a Text message to 323-875-5814, or email dennisnoyes@gmail.com It's a pro HD with playes and Cinetronic monitor 6 canisters 2 black 4 blue Hars mount Pro vest Good luck in all
  5. Looking for a second hand klassen suspender
  6. Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know if you ever need a Pro Super Post HD or SD i have one a rent out. Day rental is 200usd. Cheers and Happy holidays.
  7. http://www.cinematicprecision.com/steadicam-operator-accessories- I recommend this plate,
  8. Steven Pines 3108293100 Awesome guy understands our business well.
  9. Cinematicprecision.com Call sal golzalez he is awesome and you can pick a variety of colors.
  10. Bump, 2000 USD with pelican case now included. Just checked by switronic in NYC. Great transmitter, selling to buy iris motor. And single channel handset.
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