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  1. Jens let me know if you want to check out mine. Dennis Noyes 323-875-5814
  2. Hi operators, selling my Klassen vest. Size will fit around someone 5.8"-5.11" 160 pounds. In great condition and has everything you need for back up. Will talk to Walter so you get a complete back up kit plus the spares in the Pic. I have additional vest covers made but never used, plus the original back ones. Asking 4000 USD, Can have Walter give it a complete check up if you want. Low profile arm was purchased in 2010 If you bought new New Universal is 5500USD Low Profile arm 2600USD Additionally, I can take vest to Spain for delivery on the 23rd of Dec, perfect for Reyes. Dennisnoyes@gmail.com 323-875-5814
  3. Also Mattebox receiver in package ( costs 200 new) and hasn't been used yet.
  4. Tramsmiter Reciever M-one motor and gears with offset 2 motor cables Arri 24/12 power Arri on/off Pro power to Bartech Red one on/off Epic on/off with time code on/off D-tap power 2 extra range antennas 1 back up regular reciever antenna 1 direct hardware for focus ( just in case) Will send to Jim for check up. Going to Spain December 23. So European buyers are welcome to take advantage. PayPal takes it. Dennisnoyes@gmail.com
  5. HD super post is 2500 with case. Will ship internationally.
  6. Hi have a couple PRO SUPERPOST made with pro cables and threaded mounts for either HD or SD sleds. The SUPERPOST is 54 inches. If interested please call me Dennis Noyes 323-875-5814
  7. Next time call me I have a pro super post with HD or SD. The rental is 150usd per day. Dennis Noyes 323-885-5814
  8. Please contact me if you have a spare one. Thanks Dennis Noyes
  9. Hi operators, I will give the sled case to Charlie at mastercases to refoam. I will sell the sled separate from the arm with or without monitor. Thanks Dennis
  10. Dennis Noyes 323-875-5814 Dennisnoyes@gmail.com
  11. Making a HD surfer post let me know if your interested in a HD one. If not mine will be available to rent. Dennis
  12. On/off for epic from Bartech with TImecose BCN for jamming. 250USD 323-875-5814 Local LA can test out cable before buying. Dennis Noyes 323-875-5814
  13. Bump international buyers welcome. Can travel and deliver equipment to Spain.
  14. What about a pro II monitor, super sharp.
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