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  1. SLED is sold! 3a Arm with red springs still avail...asking $3500 follow link for pics: https://www.dropbox....yrM27LLV4a?dl=0.
  2. 3a top stage with camera plate 3a gimbal 3D printed post wrap (4 inch) Or metal 5 inch included 7 inch Ruige HD mon Sdi Line passes HD 1.5 inch telescoping Post Simple modular rig- very well cared for Prob keeping the stand and dock. Pair it with my 3a arm - (also for sale) and you have a nice starter all purpose rig. $3500 Prefer USA ship. Buyer pays shipping. Will spilt or sell as package Follow link for pics https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zbqagko0zptxq6d/AAByBkhyond00dOyrM27LLV4a?dl=0.
  3. How far we have fallen... [emoji15]$1900!!! Make an offer!
  4. Contact Markus Bernhardt at Baer Bel baer-bel@gmx.net He'll make you an adapter post or adapter that fits over your existing post. What arm do you have?
  5. the basic principles are the same ... I would say if you have a good deal on the Flyer- try it... just be careful as the resale on Flyers and most under "5g steadicams" is currently not that good. I've had mine for sale over a year with barely any serious interest.With that said - I was glad to learn on the Flyer as it was easier to jump to a big sled after. Hope that helps Steve
  6. I don't see how you would not have to replace the arm post with one that adapts- either 5/8 post to 1/2 inch or vice versa.
  7. Curious - do you think it can hold a Klassen vest?
  8. thanks Tim- I figured that was the issue...as I read the other part of the thread. Much appreciated though- Thanks for sharing the design!!!
  9. Just got mine from Media Blackout- going to try to use it as a regular post grip for my 3A gimbal. I had been looking into trying to make a few of these ( aluminum) but this might just work! A bit on the thick side but I'll see how it goes. Added grip tape and it feels/ looks great. Tim- do you think you can design a slimmer one more like the aluminum one pictured?
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