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  1. Please let me know if you have one for sale! mike at mikeheathcote dot com. Thanks, Mike
  2. I have a brand new NB Stabilizer Rock-A-Bye Package for sale. I purchased this to use on a film and then we went another direction last minute. I would like to sell this to put the money towards another piece of gear. The kit includes the following: Rock-a-bye True horizon system & Easy Rock handheld cage pack $6,200 USD value Rock-a-bye Baby Leveler $2,400 USD value I paid $8,600 USD. Would love to sell for $7,000 USD obo. Please message me or email mike at mikeheathcote dot com. Thanks!
  3. *Brand New* G Link Max for Sale no vest. This was purchased to have as a backup unit (I already have one and love it) but I have decided to sell this one and put the money towards another purchase. I just received this unit in September from Flowcine. Other then putting it on once just to make sure it was all working it is in perfect condition. I paid $7,000 USD asking $6,500 USD obo. Please message or email mike at mikeheathcote dot com. Thanks!
  4. Looking for a Cine Live Upper Electronics with post mount. If you have one to sell please message or email me mike at mikeheathcote dot com. Thanks! Mike
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