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  1. Mike Heathcote SOC

    TERADEK 3000

    Just sent you a message.
  2. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Bolt 3000 TX/RX System

    Hi there, Looking for a Bolt 3000 HDMI/HDSDI system. Please message or email info @ horizoncamera.com. Thanks, Mike
  3. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Walter Klassen Gimbal Wheels

    *Sale Pending*
  4. Mike Heathcote SOC

    XCS Ultimate 1

    SOLD! Thank you
  5. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Who operated on "Handmaids Tale?"

    Thanks Tom! Hi Lou, I was the A Camera/Steadicam Operator on "The Handmaid's Tale" Seasons 1 and 2. Thanks for the kind words! Mike
  6. Mike Heathcote SOC

    XCS Ultimate 1

    *Sale Pending*
  7. Mike Heathcote SOC

    XCS Ultimate 1

    I have an excellent working condition XCS Ultimate 1. Serial Number 017. I have upgraded the video output to the Ultimate 2 Video board in October. This sled has a custom 17" post. This is the most rigid sled on the market and will never give you vibrations. It has a few cosmetic marks but has served me well for several years and shows. I have now purchased an XCS 2 and ready to let this sled go to a good home. Please email or message me mike @ mikeheathcote.com. Asking $18,000 USD. Thanks!! Mike
  8. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Tiffen M1 Top Stage (with Tilt Stage)

    Update: asking $4,375.00 USD OBO. Save $2,000 from new! Thanks
  9. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Cartoni Lambda 50

    Update: asking $12,000 USD OBO. Thanks! Mike
  10. Mike Heathcote SOC

    FlowCine Black Arm Complete

    SOLD Thank you
  11. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Walter Klassen Gimbal Wheels

    Yes they work great with the R2. They recently got the $1,000 Digital upgrade to be even more responsive just over 6 months ago. Thanks, Mike
  12. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Walter Klassen Gimbal Wheels

    Asking $2,250 USD
  13. Mike Heathcote SOC

    8 Inch Transvideo X-SBL

    UPDATE Asking $3,500 USD OBO. Thanks!
  14. Hey there, I have a Tiffen M1 Top Stage with Tilt. 3 HD/SDI Lines, 2 D Tap 12V 5A, 2 lemo 3 pin 12/24v. Purchased August 2017. In excellent working condition, some small cosmetic marks. Brand new $6,375.00 USD asking $5,000.00 USD OBO. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Toronto, Canada. Please message or email mike @ mikeheathcote.com. Thanks! Mike
  15. Hi there, I have a FLOWCINE Black Arm Complete with Tranquilizer Mount & Pro Case. In excellent condition, some small cosmetic scratches. Comes with Pro Case, Tranquilizer with Pan Barrels rated at 30, Dual Spring Bracket and Ronin 2 Universal Mount. Located in Toronto, Canada. Buyer pays for shipping! Asking $7,000 USD OBO. Thanks. Please message me or email mike @ mikeheathcote.com Thanks, Mike