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  1. Stefan von Bjorn

    WTB Steadicam Segway

    I am looking for a Segway for steadicam with a hard mount attachment. Thank you, Stefan von Bjorn (323)363-7711 svonbjorn@earthlink.net
  2. Stefan von Bjorn

    FS Back Stage 24"X36"X1.5 Cart

    Price dropped to $600.
  3. For sale: Back Stage, Magliner Assistant Junior Cart 24"X 36 X 1.5", perfect for the Steadicam Jr. upgrades (not Included), or as an assistants cart. 10" and 8" pneumatic tires, 1.5" top shelf, also I have a set of new wheel bearings for it, but installation not required yet. In very good used condition. Available for pick up in Los Angeles. Retails for $1184.99 Asking $750.00 Thank you, Stefan von Bjorn,soc. (323) 363-7711 stefvonbjorn@gmail.com
  4. Stefan von Bjorn

    FS Telescoping Steadicam Monopods

    Thank you very much for the kind words Ben and Nick. Stef
  5. I have two prototypes of my steadicam telescoping monopod for sale. This design allows you to have your spotter or dolly grip follow/spot you with the monopod retracted into itself and slung on their back until you need to hang it up. The monopod is unslung and released to securely hang up you sled anywhere you find yourself. I have sold 6 to date. I have used my prototype for 2 years in test and evaluation with zero failures. This is a product I have been working on for over 6 years and many prototypes until this final and more then satisfactory prototype design. This is an extremely well machined and manufactured product with a proven track record. I have pictures and demo videos if you would like me to email them to you. There are two choices of fork sizes 1.5 inch and two inch forks. Please email me directly at: stefvonbjorn@gmail.com for all questions or orders. Price with fork is $900.00 plus shipping. If you would like an adjustable sling included please add $30.00. Thank you for your interest. Stefan von Bjorn,soc. (323) 363-7711 cell
  6. Stefan von Bjorn

    New Telescoping Steadicam Mono Pod For Sale

    Jarrett, The fork is a slotted cup that your docking rings rest safely in when docking the rig in regular or low mode. There is no locking device on this fork. The weight of your rig and depth of the fork cup make it very safe and reliable. Your spotter/dolly grip will be holding the "Telepole" while you dock and mount up. The pole is collapsed and slung over their back while they spot you through your shot, when you get back to one or cut on your last mark they unsling the "Telepole", push the release button to extend it to docking length, and viola, you have your temporary docking stand with you wherever you go. Here is a picture of the fork on my"Telepole". Note the holes in the fork for your T- Handled Allens. If you or anyone has any further questions or would like me to send you a demo video please call or email me: svonbjorn@earthlink.net. (323) 363-7711 cell Thank you for your inquiry. Stef
  7. Stefan von Bjorn

    New Telescoping Steadicam Mono Pod For Sale

    Rob, you can also go to Home Depot and buy a 4 inch piece of PVC cut to 37 or 38 inches, along with PVC end caps, glue some foam to each end of the inside ends of tube and on inside of end caps to make a shipping container, just like a super post, to protect it. I glue one end cap on permanently and then tape up the other end for access. The fork is easily removable to ship in this manner. Then put the fork in one of your hard cases. I can send you a picture of this set up if you would like. Stef
  8. Stefan von Bjorn

    New Telescoping Steadicam Mono Pod For Sale

    Rob, The collapsed length is 36 1/2 inches. I ship mine in a large tube similar to a stix case along with with my docking stand to protect both when my equipment ships out of town. When ordering I ask which size docking fork you will need 1and 1/2 or 2 inch. The fork is removable and then you have a 36 inch pole that is easy to transport. The docking fork is a slotted cup that is deep set in the fork. Thank you for your interest Rob. Best, Stef
  9. Hello community, I have spent the last two years developing a telescoping mono pod for steadicam and 15 years prior dreaming of doing this. I have produced 4 prototypes with my machinist and tested each of them all on set for many weeks/months, then gone back to the machinist to improve it. After addressing all the issues I found wanting along the way, I finally have what I feel is a product that can withstand the rigors and constant demands of any steadicam operators needs and complete faith in the construction and strength of the locking devise. I personally have used this last prototype for the last year on every set I've worked on, most recently in the harshest natural environment of the Rockies. I had given one to Nick Davidoff this time last year to trial and evaluate and he loves it. This is a collapsable (on demand, it has never/ will never collapse without depressing the heavy duty release button) monopod that is carried on the back of your dolly grip or spotter, in this configuration it is short and uses a rifle sling (not supplied) attached to the two provided attachment points on the monopod. I find everyone that sees this is saying the same thing "...that's the smartest and most useful invention I've ever seen for steadicam!" I had 8 of these manufactured by one of the top machinists in our industry and they were not cheap to produce! I am selling the last 5 of these that I have, in order to go into a larger production run. I am offering these to the first 5 buyers at $900.00. (Buyer pays shipping and any taxes)This is a one time price for these 5 only. I have attached a photo of the telescoping monopole in extended and compressed mode using two Telepoles to demonstrate the two positions of the product. Feel free to email me for a demonstration video. Thank you for your interest. Stefan von Bjorn,soc. (323) 363-7711 cell
  10. Stefan von Bjorn

    Looking For A Steadicam Rickshaw to Buy ASAP.

    Thank you very much Nick and Thomas. Stefan
  11. I'm currently in the market for a steadicam rickshaw that could be used in rough terrain such as mountain trails, open fields. It must be light weight and be able to break down for transport into wilderness locations as well as shipping on commercial aircraft. I'd be most grateful to hear from the community on their thoughts, recommendations and experiences in this field. I'm also looking for an electric motorized handsfree steadicam transport that I can hard mount to as another option in my equipment. I know of the hans free Segway that I saw some years ago at Cinegear. I was wondering if there are any other options out there, or if the hands free Segway has developed further since, in technology and price. Thank you for any leads and thoughts. Stefan von Bjorn,soc. (323) 363-7711 svonbjorn@earthlink.net
  12. Hello All, I'm reaching out to the community to see if anyone has a lightweight steadicam rickshaw for sale? I,m currently on location and can be reached on email svonbjorn@earthlink.net or cell (323)363-7711 (cell reception is spotty ). This is a wilderness location film and shoots in the most isolated terrain the producers could find, so I need a rickshaw that can be broken down to transport in boats, packed in by crew... you name it I'm sure we'll see it on this show. The rickshaw must have mountain bike tires and narrow construction. I greatly appreciate if anyone has a lead on one or has one for sale and immediate shipping. Thank you so much, Stefan von Bjorn,soc. (323)363-7711 cell
  13. I am selling my Preston Handset 2 with handgrip, Preston charger, 2 batteries and 8 focus rings. Price $1300.00. Unit has just been inspected and serviced at Preston and is in excellent working condition. Stefan von Bjorn, SOC. svonbjorn@earthlink.net
  14. Stefan von Bjorn

    Looking for an Editor for demo reel

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a great editor that can cut a great demo reel with great footage and is reliable, reasonable and talented. Notice I did not specify cheap. I have had some experience with this in the past and would like to find an editor that has a great work ethic along with talent. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Stefan von Bjorn svonbjorn@earthlink.net
  15. I have 2, 7 inch directors handheld NTSC monitors for sale. These are modified with Anton Bauer battery plate. They come with a single handle on one side and two frequency anntenas each. Also AB switchable. If you have Dionics or HC's then you aqlready have what it takes to power them and keep them light weight. These are very hard to find these days! These are great rentals and can earn $100/day each. Price is $3000 for both in Pelican case. Stefan von Bjorn, SOC. (323) 363-7711