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  1. steadiz

    Review of Tom Wills - Standard arm post to flyer sled

    I’m looking for one of theses Arm Post. Would someone have Tom Wills contact info? Thanks
  2. steadiz

    Arm Post Sizes

    WTB: Arm Post- Pro Arm to Flyer LE
  3. Looking for a BUZ with canon 8pin Canon interface. I have motors and cables. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. steadiz

    problems with my master monitor

    Javi, My monitor is doing the same thing. Did you resolve your problem and if you did what was the fix?
  5. steadiz

    Master Series -- All About...

    I'm looking for some info on the Master Series Elite as well. I need some info about the Power distribution for this model. I've metered the upper stage as well as the lower J-Box. This is what I found and need to know if this is the way it should be. Upper Stage: 3 pin main power- not regulated (if the battery is supplying 16v the output is 16v) 4 pin Lemo's- 12v regulated Lower J Box: Power out for recorder- regulated 4 pin Lemo- not regulated Monitor power- not regulated I did a show and used productions Anton Bauer Hytron 140's. Pulled them right off of the charger and onto the rig. The result, I burned up a small 3" LCD monitor and my original green screen is not working correctly. I don't know if I fried the green screen monitor with the high voltage from the Anton Bauer's or if it was damaged during the flight back from my last gig. The green screen's picture is shifted and compressed 3/4 to the left. What is the voltage input range for the monitor? 12v-? So, do I have a Rig power issue, or is my green screen dead from age? Any info on where i can get the green screen fixed?
  6. steadiz

    Microwave video from steadi?

    Link Research (www.linkres.co.uk) has a great wireless system. Two components to their system. One is a video send system, Pal or NTSC, component or composite. This can be used as a stand alone system or you can used it with their camera control unit. The camera control unit will dock with just about any camera that can use a Sony BVV-5 record deck.